Innovation in science, technology and industry

Programme of OECD Workshop on Green Technology and Innovation Policies


Monday 25 October 2010


Welcome and Opening by CSTP Chair, Luis Sanz

  • “OECD Green Growth Strategy”

Pier Carlo PADOAN, Deputy Secretary-General, OECD


Keynote speaker: 

Science & technology gaps – what advances in science and technology are necessary to meet the challenges of sustainability and growth? What scientific advances must be achieved in the short-term and in the longer-term?

  • Brian Collins,  Chief Scientist, Department of Business Innovation and Skills, United Kingdom


Keynote presentations:

Evidence and Policy gaps: How can science help better underpin the evidence base for public policies for green technology and innovation?  How to reconcile political agendas for green growth with scientific evidence regarding the climate, energy or environmental challenges?

  • The policy gap – what kind of policies are needed? - Keith Smith, Department of Business Innovation and Skills, United Kingdom


Session 1: Fostering breakthrough research and innovation for green growth

This session will explore how STI policies can foster breakthrough fundamental research as well as breakthrough innovations.  How much investment in S&T is required from the public and private sector to generate technological breakthroughs in the development and diffusion of green technologies.


Session Chair: Dr. Hermann-Friedrich Wagner, Chair of the OECD Global Science Forum

a) Green Research: Status and perspectives

Over the past 30 years, investment in green R&D has declined dramatically in the OECD area. The current level of green R&D investment is too low to foster breakthrough innovation.

The first two presentations could address policy frameworks to improve funding and performance of green research, including priority setting, collaboration, human resource issues and infrastructure requirements.


Two presentations:

  • Funding, priority-setting and governance issues in green research- speaker - Mr. Fridtjof F. Unander,  Director for the Department of  Energy and Petroleum at the Research Council of Norway
  • Collaboration and infrastructure for break-through green technologies –Gil Shaki, Office of the Chief Scientist, Ministry of Industry, Trade & Labor, Israel

General discussion


b)  Promising areas in science and technology to achieve green growth: Status and perspectives

Breakthrough and incremental advances in certain scientific and technological fields in particular, biotechnology, materials and nanotechnologies as well ICT will be necessary to help create new and sustainable business models for green technologies. This session will explore the contribution to specific scientific and technological fields to challenge driven research agendas. 

Session Chair: Dr. Gerardo Jimenez-Sanchez, Chair CSTP Working Party on Biotechnology

  • Convergence in enabling technologies for green growth, Dr. Thomas Reiss, Head of Competence Center on Emerging Technologies,  Fraunhofer-Institute for Systems and Innovation Research, Germany
    This presentation focuses on issues around the potential contributions to green growth from the ongoing convergence between enabling technologies such environmental biotech, industrial biotech, ICTs, materials science and nanotech. What are the limits, barriers and risks to convergence in different fields? 
  • New research paradigm for managing complexity and convergence,  Thomas Kerr, Energy Analyst, Energy Technology Policy Division, International Energy Agency
    The convergence of enabling technologies shows a lot of promise for green growth. However, convergence also creates complexity for STI policies. How to fund research at the frontiers of different disciplines?  How to scale up research efforts across disciplinary boundaries? How to train researchers and evaluate research outcomes and impacts in this context?    

General Discussion

Session 2: Role of government and business in fostering green technology and innovation
Session Chair: Patrick Vock, Chair of TIP and Senior Advisor, State Secretariat for Education and Research, Switzerland 

Stage setting presentation: Dr. Rainer Walz, Fraunhofer Institute Systems and Innovation Research, Germany

a) Role of Business in green technologies and innovation

Industry performs most of the R&D in OECD countries.  Industry will therefore be an important player on the supply-side in terms of fostering breakthrough research. What are the barriers for business in carrying out longer and fundamental research in green technology? How can open innovation tools including collaboration with public research and exchange of IP be used to accelerate and improve efficiency of business R&D for green technologies?

b) Role of Government in green technologies and innovation: supply and demand issues


Government has a role in fostering investment and diffusion of green technologies, especially technologies that present high market and technological risks. What lessons can be drawn from country experience to reduce markets risks? What is the role for clusters and public-private partnerships in fostering the development and uptake of green technologies? 

  • Mr. Yoji UEDA, Director, International Affairs Office Industrial Science and Technology Policy and Environment Bureau, METI, Japan
    General discussion

Closing Remarks: Setting the Agenda on Green Growth for the CSTP 

Iain Gillespie, Head, Science and Technology Policy Division, OECD

Concluding remarks by the OECD Secretariat regarding the issues that the CSTP may wish to discuss in light of its contributions to the OECD Green Growth strategy and its longer-term work programme.




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