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OECD Workshop on Hidden Innovation, 29 October 2007


OECD Innovation Strategy: Workshop on Hidden Innovation

Jointly organised by the OECD,
the UK Department of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR)
and the UK Department of Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS)



BERR Conference Centre
1 Victoria St
London SW1H 0ET
29 October 2007


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At the May 2007 Meeting of the OECD Council at Ministerial Level, Ministers asked the OECD to develop an innovation strategy. Its objective is to:

  • Deliver analysis on the innovation performance of different countries,
  • Explain the variation in innovation performance across countries, and
  • Elaborate a comprehensive and forward-looking policy strategy to strengthen innovation.

This OECD workshop considered the issue of hidden innovation, meaning business innovation that is not always fully reflected in traditional indicators of innovation such as patent counts or R&D investment flows.  The objective was to identify the types of innovation or approaches to innovation – e.g. user-driven – that are not adequately taken into account in policy making. The workshop intended to help shed light on the topic through presentation of fresh evidence from current analyses, including sectoral and business case studies. This can be an important step in the current OECD work to develop tools to better measure the volume and location of innovation in OECD economies and in the specification of enhanced policies and management strategies to foster a broad range of innovation. As a consequence, the workshop was well placed to provide an important input for the OECD Innovation Strategy, particularly with respect to fostering non-technological innovation.

Agenda and presentations

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The following conference presentations are also available:


Presentation by Richard Halkett, Executive Director, Policy and Research Unit, NESTA

  • What is hidden innovation?
  • What do case studies tell us about the extent of innovation in ‘low innovation sectors’?
  • How do the firms “find” the hidden innovation?
  • What policy recommendations flow from NESTA’s analysis?

Presentation by Professor John Bessant, Professor, Imperial College, London

  • What are the drivers of innovation in services?
  • How is innovation organised and managed in services?
  • How can we measure these innovation processes?

Presentation by Jørgen Rosted, Director, FORA

  • What do case studies and other analysis tell us about emerging trends in innovation: concept innovation, partnership innovation and user-driven innovation?

Presentation by Christian Madsbjerg, Partner, Red Associates

  • Case study in how LEGO addressed an innovation challenge.


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