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OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy offer a comprehensive assessment of the innovation system of individual OECD member and partner countries, focusing on the role of government. They provide concrete recommendations on how to improve policies which impact on innovation performance, including R&D policies. Each review identifies good practices from which other countries can learn.

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Malaysia: Innovation Policy 2016

Malaysia is one of Southeast Asia’s most dynamic economies and one of Asia’s great success stories. Its economic and social development over the last half century has been impressive. High economic performance, based on a profound transformation into a diversified economy, coupled with a striking reduction in poverty levels, has brought Malaysia closer to reaching its goal of becoming a high-income country by 2020.

To achieve this goal, Malaysia faces a number of challenges. While the economy has maintained resilient growth, productivity growth has slowed in recent years, and Malaysian firms are facing new competition from their East Asian peers.

Malaysia could seize immense opportunities by strengthening innovation and skills. This would allow firms to shift towards segments of the supply chain that support higher domestic value added and higher wages. Continued commitment to innovation policy is needed to support a broad-based upgrading towards more knowledge-intensive activities in services, manufacturing, and the primary and agro-food sectors. The Malaysian government is well aware of these opportunities and has already taken action in this area. The Review recommends further actions to help to build a well-performing innovation system which can effectively drive economic growth and social development.

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Sweden: Innovation Policy 2016

The 2016 Review of Innovation Policy in Sweden focuses on recent policy initiatives, plus the research and innovation actors and institutions affected by them. In addition to recent achievements and challenges, the report sets out a series of strategic tasks, guiding principles and recommendations vital to Sweden’s global competitiveness in research and innovation.

These six policy initiatives span;

  1. the increase in funding for university research, 
  2. the establishment of Strategic Research Areas, 
  3. actions designed to enhance the role of research institutes in Sweden’s innovation system, 
  4. the definition and funding of Strategic Innovation Areas in collaboration with industrial, academic and research institute actors, 
  5. the initiation of a Challenge-Driven Innovation programme addressing societal challenges, and 
  6. improved prioritisation and support for Swedish participation in European research and innovation activities.

Luxembourg: Innovation Policy 2015

Following a period of rapid growth in the country’s innovation environment, in which public spending on R&D increased by 238%, Luxembourg now boasts two leading-edge research centres of excellence on biomedicine and IT security, which play an important role in attempts to diversify the economy, which continues to be heavily dependent on the financial sector.
To consolidate this progress, the OECD recommends enhanced co-ordination across ministries and agencies and strengthen linkages between public research centres and the University of Luxembourg. Luxembourg is encouraged to introduce a national innovation strategy that ensures public investments in research contribute to the government’s goals to diversify the economy, increase social well-being, and improve sustainability.

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Press Release 24 April 2015


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