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Indicators on patents

The OECD Patent Database was set up to develop patent indicators that are suitable for statistical analysis and that can help address S&T policy issues. The Patent Database covers data on patent applications to the European Patent Office (EPO), the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), patent applications filed under the Patent Co-operation Treaty (PCT) that designate the EPO, as well as Triadic patent families. Data mainly derives from the latest version of the EPO’s Worldwide Patent Statistical Database (PATSTAT).

The following patent statistics were updated on OECD's statistical portal in July 2011:


For the most part, OECD patent indicators are counted according to the priority date, which is the closest to the date of invention. However, there is a time lag between the priority date and the availability of patent information. To improve the timeliness of the OECD patent indicators, the latest years are estimated at an aggregated level, for patents counted according to the residence of the inventor: estimated figures are presented for total EPO and total triadic patent families up to priority date 2009.  Patents in selected technologies related to the environment are now included in the list of indicators.


OECD Compendium of Patent Statistics 2008


This report provides a snapshot of the latest available internationally comparable data on patents.  The patent indicators presented in this compendium are specifically designed to reflect recent trends in inventive activities across a wide range of OECD member and non-member countries.  A series of new indicators report patenting activities in key technology fields such as nanotechnologies, environmental technologies and patenting by industries, as well as patenting activity by region.


Raw data on patents


The OECD has developed 4 different sets of patent data, for research and analytical work only.  The detailed raw data can be downloaded from a secure – password protected – server. Please send an e-mail to to request access to one of the datasets, mentioning "OECD patent database" in the title of your message.

  • OECD Triadic Patent Families Database, July 2011: set of patents filed for at the EPO, the Japan Patent Office (JPO) and granted by the USPTO that share one or more priority applications.
  • OECD REGPAT Database, July 2011: patent applications to the EPO and PCT filings linked to more than 5 500 regions using the inventors/applicants addresses (covering regions from selected countries outside the OECD area).
  • OECD Citations Database, July 2011: citations from patents published by the EPO and the WIPO (PCT).


Also available: the OECD HAN database

The OECD "Harmonised Applicants' Names" database provides a dictionary of applicants’ names which have been elaborated with business register data, so that it can easily be matched by all users. The data is based on applicant's for patents filed to the EPO and through PCT. The dataset is complementary to Eurostat's method for harmonising applicants names.


Most of these datasets mainly derive from EPO’s Worldwide Statistical Patent Database (PATSTAT, April 2011) which provides a harmonised and comparable set of information on patent applications taken in patent offices worldwide. Please contact the EPO for further information on this database.


Trademarks Statistics


During the last decade, trademark data has received growing interest from researchers in the field of economics of innovation and industrial change. It has been noted that trademarks could contribute to measuring relevant aspects of innovation, especially non-technological innovation and innovation in the service industries. Those aspects have become crucial in the innovative processes of advanced economies, and they are not well appraised by traditional data sources. The OECD has undertaken some analyses on trademark data in order to extract relevant information and to develop new trademark-based indicators of innovation. 

workshop on trademarks and trademark data was held in Paris on 16-17 July 2009. It intended to bring together researchers interested in empirical and theoretical research on trademarks and brands, as well as in legal analysis of trademarks.


OECD Patent Statistics Manual


For further information on the underlying methodologies used to develop patent related indicators, refer to the OECD Patent Ststistics Manual (2009) or consult


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