Science, technology and innovation policy

NIS (Phase II): Sydney Conference


.... Innovation Systems - Growth Engines for the 21st Century

Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia (19-20 November 1998)

Hosted by Professor Jane Marceau, Director AEGIS (Australian Expert Group in Industry Studies) and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research), University of Western Sydney Macarthur, with the co-operation of the OECD and support from the Australian Department of Industry, Science and Tourism.

Innovation is the prime driver of long-run economic growth. Recent work has shown that innovation involves much more than changes to technology. It involves links, interactions and influences of many kinds (including links between firms and firms, between firms and research centres, and between firms and government). Effective innovation depends on all such connections being in place and working well. Some aspects of innovation systems are national, others regional and sectoral or local. OECD and other recent work has shed light on the nature of many of the factors involved in innovation. Speakers at the Conference presented the latest work on innovation systems (whether global, national, regional, sectoral and technological) and explored the policy implications arising from systemic approaches.

Speakers included eminent experts on innovation who are being brought to Australia especially for the Conference. They also included experts involved in the innovation systems work of the OECD Working Group on Innovation and Technology Policy ( TIP ) who will be present in Australia for a meeting of TIP on 23-24 November. The Conference had a significant focus on the comparative studies and analytical work undertaken as part of TIP's National Innovation Systems (NIS) Project . This work has included research by NIS Focus Groups covering national systems, regional industrial clusters, commercial (inter-firm) co-operation in innovation, innovation systems within the firm, human resource mobility, and "catching-up" issues in less innovative economies.


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