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National Innovation Systems: Workshops and Meetings of the Focus Group on Clusters (Phase III)


Focus Group on Clusters

Lead country: The Netherlands

Contact person: Pim den Hertog, Dialogic, NL


To explore to what extent and in which respects clusters differ in their innovation performance and mechanisms of knowledge sharing and transfer, with a view to deriving implications for cluster-based innovation policy. This focus group will concentrate on:

  • Improving and applying the common methodology for input-output analysis (macro-clustering).

  • Comparing selected individual clusters internationally.

  • Developing and applying a typology of clusters based on their innovation patterns.

Workshop of the Focus Group on Clusters, 8-9 May 2000, Utrecht

PDF files:

Powerpoint presentations:

  • Erik W. Jacobsen, Value Creation in Clustered Industries

  • Alison Munro, Experiences of the Food and Drink Cluster

  • IMEC Flanders: The Largest Independent Microelectronics Research Centre of Europe

  • ICT Clusters in Flanders

Steering group meeting, 18 February 2000, Vienna

Minutes of the meeting

Kick-off workshop, 4 October 1999, Paris

Minutes of the meeting

Contributions by participants:

  • Progress Report by Pim den Hertog

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