Science, technology and innovation policy

National Innovation Systems: Phase II


In the Phase II of the NIS project, six focus groups were established, involving countries with advanced methodologies, data sets, or special research or policy interests:

A series of four international meetings on innovation and knowledge-based economies were held in Australia in 1998:

Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney (19-20 November 1998)

This Conference was hosted by Professor Jane Marceau, Director of the Australian Expert Group in Industry Studies and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) at the University of Western Sydney Macarthur. It involved international experts on innovation in addition to OECD Delegates, and focused on the findings and policy implications of the analysis undertaken in the OECD project on National Innovation Systems. The proceedings will be published by the Australian government in early 1999.

  • Canberra TIP Meeting : OECD Working Group on Innovation and Technology Policy, Twelfth Meeting

Hyatt Hotel, Canberra (23-24 November 1998)

This was the second of the biannual meetings of the OECD Working Group on Innovation and Technology Policy (TIP) in 1998. The Agenda included items on public/private research partnerships, trends in science and technology labour markets, and technology and sustainable development. It also reviewed the results of the meeting on innovation systems in Sydney on 19-20 November and how these might influence the directions of future TIP work.

Hyatt Hotel, Canberra (25 November 1998)

This TIP Workshop brought together international experts to discuss means for increasing returns to government research investments and for diffusing public R&D results throughout the economy. It focused on issues such as the design of research/industry partnerships, regulatory frameworks, intellectual property rights regimes, technology transfer conditions and venture capital supply. It addressed both the advantages and disadvantages of greater commercialisation of government-funded research and the implications for researchers and for innovation in general. The proceedings will by published by the OECD in early 1999.

  • Canberra CCNM Seminar : New Science and Technology Indicators for the Knowledge-Based Economy: Development Issues

Hyatt Hotel, Canberra (26-27 November 1998)

This Seminar, co-organised by the OECD Centre for Co-operation with Non-members (CCNM) and the Australian government, brought together representatives of the OECD Group of National Experts on Science and Technology Indicators (NESTI), large non-member countries (Brazil, China, India, Indonesia and Russia) and APEC countries. It considered a wide scope of issues related to the development and policy relevance of science and technology indicators and explored possibilities for ongoing OECD/APEC co-operation regarding the development and maintenance of up-to-date databases of science and technology indicators.


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