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Taking into account the need for international collaboration in science to address complex and inter-related societal, environmental and economic challenges, the overall objective of the  Global Science Forum (GSF) is to support countries to improve their science policies and share in the benefits of international collaboration. GSF provides a venue for consultations and mutual learning among senior science policy officials of OECD member countries. It carries out analytical work on high-priority science policy issues.

Specifically, the GSF serves its members in the formulation and implementation of their science policies by:

  • exploring opportunities and mechanisms for new or enhanced international co-operation in selected priority areas;
  • defining international frameworks for national or regional science policy developments; and
  • addressing the science policy dimensions of issues of global concern.

The GSF's principal customers are the government science policy officials who bring issues to the GSF for deliberation and analysis in an intergovernmental setting. Before any activity is undertaken, it is assessed in terms of quality, potential impact and relevance to the agreed strategic themes, 2015-2019.  All projects must have the support of several GSF members.

The GSF is currently engaged in the following areas:

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