Innovation in science, technology and industry

Conference on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Enterprise Dynamics: Agenda


8-9 December 2014 
OECD Conference Centre, Paris


Entrepreneurship, innovation and enterprise dynamics are at the core of technology development and growth. Comparative evidence on key drivers, patterns and trends, as well as framework conditions, and the way these shape entrepreneurship, innovation and enterprise dynamics is critical for the design of effective policies in support of employment and inclusive economic growth.

The OECD Working Party on Industry Analysis (WPIA) is promoting the use of comparative firm-level evidence for policy making and is organising this conference in collaboration with Small Business Economics (SBE), the Journal of Technology Transfer (JTT) and the European Commission Joint Research Centre “Institute for Prospective Technological Studies” (JRC-IPTS). 

The aim of this WPIA conference on “Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Enterprise Dynamics” (WPIA-EIED) is to gather the latest national and comparative cross-country evidence about:

  • new business venture formation;
  • the role of framework conditions in fostering entrepreneurial activities;
  • the determinants and outcomes of firms’ innovative activities;
  • business and innovation dynamics; resource reallocation and growth;
  • the determinants and patterns of post-entry firm growth performance.
Presenters are indicated in bold italics

Monday 8th December



Dirk Pilat, OECD Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation (STI)


Keynote speech

Chair: Luiz de Mello, OECD Directorate for Public Governance and Territorial Development (GOV)

Knowledge spillover entrepreneurship and innovation: The Role of Universities

David B. Audretsch, Indiana University, United States


Session 1: Who wants to be an entrepreneur?

Chair: Nick Johnstone, OECD/STI

The Private Financial gains to entrepreneurship - Is it a good use of public money to encourage individuals to become entrepreneurs?

Thomas Åstebro, HEC Paris, France

The entrepreneurial earnings puzzle: Evidence from matched person-firm data.

Mirjam van Praag, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Arvid Raknerud, Statistics Norway, Norway

If you don’t succeed, should you try again? The role of entrepreneurial experience in venture closure outcomes.

Sandra Gottschalk, ZEW - Centre for European Economic Research, Germany

Francis J. Greene, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

Bettina Müller, ZEW - Centre for European Economic Research, Germany


Coffee break


Session 2: Firm dynamics, innovation and productivity

Chair: Dirk Pilat, OECD/STI

Do micro start-ups fuel job creation? Cross-country evidence from the “Dynemp Express” database.

Chiara Criscuolo, OECD/STI

Carlo Menon, OECD/STI

Peter Gal, OECD/Economics Department (ECO)

Innovation and firm dynamics – sources of differential productivity growth between countries, industries and firm groups.

Mika Maliranta, ETLA - The Research Institute of the Finnish Economy, Finland

What do firms know? What do they produce? A new look at the relationship between patenting profiles and patterns of product diversification

Giovanni Dosi, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Italy

Marco Grazzi, Università of Bologna, Italy

Daniele Moschella, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Italy

13:15 -14:30

Lunch break


Session 3: Entrepreneurship, venture capital and economic growth

Chair: Javier Miranda, U.S. Census Bureau, United States, and WPIA Chair

Venture capital as a catalyst for high growth

Ryan Kelly, Industry Canada, Canada

Hankook Kim, Industry Canada, Canada

The impact of venture capital financing on the survival of IPO firms

Sophie Pommet, GREDEG - CNRS Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis, France

Total factor productivity and the role of entrepreneurship

Roy Thurik, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands


Coffee break


Session 4: Productivity growth and convergence

Chair: Giuseppe Nicoletti, OECD Economics Department (ECO)

Resource misallocation and productivity slowdown: Luxembourg's manufacturing in the post-recession  

Umut Kilinç, Statec - Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques du Grand-Duché du Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Dynamics of productivity growth

Michael Polder, Statistics Netherlands, the Netherlands

George van Leeuwen, Statistics Netherlands, the Netherlands

Hugo de Bondt, Statistics Netherlands, the Netherlands

Productivity convergence at the plant level: New evidence from the Americas

J. David Brown, U.S. Census Bureau, United States

Gustavo A. Crespi, Inter-American Development Bank, United States

Leonardo Iacovone, World Bank, United States

Luca Marcolin, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, and OECD/STI



Tuesday 9th December


Keynote speech

Chair: Alessandra Colecchia, OECD/STI

Ideation, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Albert N. Link, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, United States


Session 5: Risk, entrepreneurship and innovation

Chair: Erik Fahlbeck, Swedish Ministry of Enterprise Energy and Communications and Chair, CIIE - Committee on Industry, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Risk, balanced skills and entrepreneurship

Chihmao Hsieh, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Simon C. Parker, University of Western Ontario, Canada

Mirjam van Praag, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

R&D profitability: the role of risk and Knightian uncertainty

Sara Amoroso, Joint Research Centre, JRC-IPTS, European Commission

Pietro Moncada-Paternó-Castello, JRC-IPTS, European Commission

Antonio Vezzani, JRC-IPTS, European Commission

The Impact of Government R&D Subsidy on Firm Performance: Evidence from Korean SMEs

Beom Cheol Cin, Kyonggi University, Korea

YoungJun Kim, Korea University, Korea

Nicholas S. Vonortas, George Washington University, United States


Coffee break


Session 6: Innovation and enabling technologies

Chair: Benjamin Mitra-Kahn (IP Australia)

Young radical innovators in ICT: platforms for new growth in Europe?

Reinhilde Veugelers, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

ICT as facilitator of internationalisation in small and medium-sized firms

Eva Hagsten, Stockholm University, Sweden

Patricia Kotnik, University of Ljubljana (SI)

Institutional determinants of university spin-off quantity and quality: longitudinal, multilevel evidence from Italy, Norway and the UK.

Riccardo Fini, University of Bologna, Italy

Kun Fu, Imperial College London, United Kingdom

Marius Tuft Mathisen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Einar Rasmussen, University of Nordland, Norway

Mike Wright, Imperial College London, United Kingdom


Closing remarks

Mariagrazia Squicciarini, OECD/STI