Innovation in science, technology and industry

Conference on Benchmarking Industry-Science Relationships, Berlin (Germany)


16-17 October 2000, Berlin (Germany)

Joint German-OECD Conference

From the de-coding of the human genome to the development of super-computing power, the lines between academia and industry are being re-drawn. As public research joins forces with private firms to unleash the economic benefits of science, governments are recognising the need for greater incentives to encourage such collaboration.

With this in mind, the OECD and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research jointly organised an international conference, "Benchmarking Industry and Science Relationships", at the Maritim pro Arte Hotel in Berlin, on 16-17 October 2000.

OECD Deputy Secretary-General Herwig Schlögl and Germany's Federal Minister of Education and Research, Edelgard Bulmahn, opened the two-day Conference.

OECD studies show that greater collaboration between universities, public research laboratories and companies is driving innovation, the growth of new industries and the renewal of mature sectors.

At the same time, these linkages raise important ethical and policy questions. Will the fruits of the new partnerships be made broadly available for the benefit of society at large? What national and regional policies are necessary to facilitate successful partnerships, mobility of researchers and entrepreneurial dynamism? How to ensure that freedom in research and excellence in teaching is maintained when commercial benefits are at stake? How do the partners measure success?

The 400 representatives of industry, government and public research attending the Conference met to find some answers to these questions. They discussed the role of intellectual property rights in public research and looked at the incentives for researchers to commercialise knowledge. Other topics addressed include the impact of science on the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises in mature industrial sectors; new mechanisms for financing research and science-based spin-off companies; public/private partnerships for meeting the demand for skills in science and technology; and finally, ways to derive national benefits from global partnerships between industry and public research.


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For further information, please contact: Mario Cervantes (tel 33 1 45 24 94 31) at the OECD's Science and Technology Policy Division.


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