Innovation in science, technology and industry


  • Innovation for Inclusive Growth

    The objective to achieve inclusive growth is at the top of many governments’ agendas because high levels of inequalities negatively affect growth and well-being. Yet to date innovation policies have been examined essentially with regards to their impact on the growth of aggregate value.

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  • The OECD Innovation Strategy - 2015 revision

    Well-timed and targeted innovation boosts productivity, increases economic growth and helps solve societal problems. But how can governments encourage more people to innovate more of the time? And how can government itself be more innovative?

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  • National IP systems and innovation performance

    This project aims to support countries in strengthening the contributions their national intellectual property (IP) systems can make to their socio-economic development, notably through their impacts on innovation performance.

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OECD-World Bank Innovation Policy Platform

The Innovation Policy Platform (IPP) is a web-based interactive space, developed jointly by the OECD and the World Bank, that provides an online repository of resources to support better innovation policy making and analysis. Beyond being a simple repository, its content is interconnected throughout the site making it easier for users to find what they are looking for. 

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28- 29 April 2016

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22 March 2016

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3 February 2016

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19 October 2015

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19 October 2015

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15 October 2015

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14 October 2015


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