Industry and globalisation

OECD/South Africa workshop on Steelmaking Raw Materials: Presentations


Cape Town, South Africa
11 December 2014
About the workshop


Session 1: Global steel market and capacity developments

An overview of the global market situation and outlook

Brief interventions from steel associations

An overview of the future metallics balance

Session 2. Raw materials market developments: current situation and megatrends

An overview of market developments and megatrends in steel-making raw materials

Mining company perspectives on their investment projects and market concerns

An overview of vertical integration strategies adopted by steelmaking companies

Session 3. Challenges of raw material export restrictions for consumers, suppliers and governments

An overview of raw material policy developments

Brief interventions from raw material producers

Brief interventions from selected steel company representatives

Brief interventions from selected Government representatives

Session 4:  Seeking multilateral options for easing trade frictions in raw materials

Setting the scene: The benefits of moving multilaterally towards open raw material markets

Panel discussion: options for greater cooperation in the area of raw material export policies



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