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UK/OECD Conference: New Models of Innovation for Economic Growth and Sustainability


Connect Research 2009

12-13 November 2009

OECD Conference Center, Paris



Sustainability and Green Growth are high on the political agenda in the run up to the UN Conference on Climate Change in December 2009. But it is businesses which face some of the greatest challenges, and perhaps opportunities, from the move towards a green economy. How can firms incorporate sustainability into their strategies, and what effect will this have on their performance? Will this effect vary between sectors? Can governments effectively create demand for innovation and sustainable demand through regulation and public procurement?




With the first signs of economic growth, attention is moving to a more fundamental question: how can we ensure stronger, cleaner growth. Supporting innovation, and facilitating its application to economic, social and environmental challenges is a central feature of these efforts. The OECD’s own Innovation Strategy, now coming to maturity, has served to deepen our understanding of innovation policy and to raise the profile of innovation across a host of different policy areas. Yet is has also posed a number of new questions.


The OECD-UK Conference, “New Models of Innovation for Economic Growth and Sustainability” aims to contribute to this work, and hopefully find some answers.


Innovation is no longer a linear process leading from laboratory to production line. Networks have an essential role to play, bringing together actors from large and small business, universities and research institutes. Economies that manage to broker links between them will find it easier to return to solid and sustainable growth. But how can we achieve this?




Speakers are drawn from a wide range of organisations around the world, providing variety in terms of scope, sector, geographical basis, and links between business, research institutes and government bodies. Sessions will focus on the following themes – please see the programme for details of speakers:

New innovation models: how they can help overcome the economic crisis

  • Making innovation happen through networks: promoting connections and stimulating knowledge flows between large companies, SMEs, research institutes and universities, in contrast to more traditional, ‘linear’ approaches to innovation.
  • Brokering of innovation: roles and effectiveness of brokers and intermediaries.

Innovation for sustainability and green growth

  • Sustainability and eco-efficiency as drivers of business performance
  • Incorporating sustainability in firms’ strategies - encouraging corporate ‘entrepreneurs’ for sustainability in large firms.
  • Promoting the sustainability agenda in different industrial sectors.
  • Driving demand for innovation/sustainable products - through regulation or public procurement mechanisms.


About the Conference


This is the third in a series of ConnectResearch conferences, and the first in partnership with the OECD. ConnectResearch is operated by the UK’s Science and Innovation Network and Cranfield University and seeks to bring together people entrepreneurs, science professionals and government in order to improve share ideas and experience. Please see the following links for past Connect Research events in 2007 and 2008.


The event will start on Thursday 12 November at 12.30pm and close on Friday 13 November at 3.30pm. Attendance is on invitation only basis and no participation fee will be required.




Session 1 : Innovation today


Session 2 : Overcoming the crisis through new ways of Innovation


Session 3 : Innovation for sustainability



Session 4 : Towards green growth


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