Industry and globalisation

76th Session of the OECD Steel Committee, 5-6 June 2014


Outlook for the world economy and global steel industry


Steelmaking capacity: industry and government perspectives

The Steel Committee began to explore the issue of excess capacity in more depth in December 2012. Some of the results of this work suggest that the recovery in steel demand will not lead to a meaningful reduction in excess capacity, particularly when new net capacity additions continue to take place. Recent work has established a negative impact of excess capacity on the profitability of the industry. Delegates are also interested in learning from past experiences with industry restructuring and government plans to address excess capacity, with a view to identifying best practices in this area.

i) Company perspectives

 ii) Policy initiatives, past and present

  • China - Ms. Xiao Juan ZHU, Director,  Bureau of Industry, Security , Import and Export Control, MOFCOM
  • Philippines -  Mr. Reynaldo LIGNES, Shipbuilding Sectoral Expert, Manufacturing Industries Department, Board of Investments
  • Room Document 1. Statement presented by the Governments of Canada, Mexico and United States at OECD Steel Committee on Excess Capacity in the Global Steel Industry 

iii) Cross-sector experiences


Steel market reports by regional steel associations

Regional associations presented the major market changes occurring in their industries since the last Steel Committee meeting, the key policy challenges facing their industries, and the financial health of their industry


Trade developments: how are the structure and specialisation of steel trade changing?

Steel and raw material trade policies

Maintaining open markets for steel is a key priority for members of the Steel Committee. The industry is currently passing through a period of heightened trade policy measures, characterised by an increasing number of barriers on the steel import side and, simultaneously, measures that impede the export of steelmaking raw materials.  

Steelmaking raw materials: examining possible long-term trends and their consequences for the steel industry

The environment and steel: preparing for COP21 in 2015

  • Mr. Thomas Spencer and Mr. Oliver Sartor, IDDRI
  • Ms. Araceli Fernandez PALES, IEA

Chairman’s statement


Future meetings

The next meeting of the OECD Steel Committee will take place in 11-12 December 2014.



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