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The STAN database for industrial analysis provides analysts and researchers with a comprehensive tool for analysing industrial performance at a relatively detailed level of activity across countries. It includes annual measures of output, labour input, investment and international trade which allow users to construct a wide range of indicators to focus on areas such as productivity growth, competitiveness and general structural change. Through the use of a standard industry list, comparisons can be made across countries. The industry list provides sufficient detail to enable users to highlight high-technology sectors and is compatible with those used in related OECD databases.

STAN is primarily based on member countries' annual national accounts by activity tables and uses data from other sources, such as national industrial surveys/censuses, to estimate any missing detail. Since many of the data points in STAN are estimated, they do not represent official member country submissions.

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New ISIC Rev. 4 version of STAN

Tables are provided for 15 OECD countries - for most countries with data up to 2011 (see coverage file). Updates by country are added as they become available. STANi4 can be accessed via OECD's data dissemination service OECD.stat either using the default query tools or via bulk downloads in ready-made Excel or ASCII files. The new STAN industry list covers all the ISIC Rev. 4 aggregations used for National Accounts (SNA) by industry submissions to OECD and Eurostat (maximum A*64), some additional 2- and 3- digit ISIC Rev. 4 detail, as well as specific aggregates for better linking with vintage ISIC Rev.3 series.

Country notes provide country-specific information.

Full documentation of the methodology used will be made available soon. The data constitutes a first version, and all comments are welcome at


ISIC Rev. 3 version of STAN

Tables are provided for 32 OECD countries,  for most countries with data up to 2009 (see coverage file) and can be accessed via OECD's data dissemination service OECD.stat either using the default query tools or batch download of STAN tables by country. Related industrial data sets such as Business Expenditure on R&D ANBERD, STAN Bilateral Trade Database by Industry and End-use category BTDIxE and STAN Indicators are also available via the OECD.STAT service.

This version of STAN, maintained between 2000 and 2010, is based on the International Standard Industrial Classification of all economic activities, Revision 3 (ISIC Rev. 3) and covers all activities (including services). Earlier versions of STAN were based on ISIC Rev.2 and covered the manufacturing sector only.

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