Industry and globalisation

OECD Steel Committee Meeting 8-9 June 2009


The 66th session of the OECD took place in Paris on 8-9 June, attached are the presentations from the meeting:


Item 3. The situation in Steel Raw materials and maritime markets:


Raw Materials:

  • Current situation on global markets for ferrous scrap (Sims/EFR)
  • Developments in the iron ore market (Ostensson)
  • Dry bulk maritime freight market review and outlook (SSY)


Item 4. Government economic stimulus packages and the steel industry

  • Economic stimulus packages and steel: A summary (OECD)
  • The OECD Strategic response to the crisis and government stimulus packages (OECD)

Item 5. Employment and social aspects of the present steel recession

  • The job crisis: How bad is is and what are the implications for labour markets and social policy? (OECD)
  • Employment and social aspects of the present steel recession: a trade union perspective (IMF)


Item 6. Steel trade and trade policy developments


  • Policy responses to steel crises (OECD)


Item 7. Follow-up to the joint OECD/Malaysia/WSA on steel and steel-related raw materials


  • Proposal for work of steel-related materials (OECD)


Item 8. Government support measures for Steel

  • Steel subsidies: transparency and reporting (GSI)



Item 10. Chairman's statement



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