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  • 2-July-2002

    English, , 179kb

    Global Industrial Restructuring

    The purpose of the Forum was to draw major stakeholders from government, industry and trade unions together to examine: i) the effects of the global economic slowdown and the events of 11 September on the global restructuring strategies being pur...

  • 5-April-2002


    Organisational Change and Firm Performance (STI Working Papers 2002/14)

    Organisational change encompasses production processes (quality management, lean production, business re-engineering), management approaches (teamwork, training, flexible work and compensation) and external relations (outsourcing, customer relations, networking). Performance improvements from organisational investments are greatest when production, management and consumer approaches are combined, and when these bundled practices are

  • 21-March-2002


    Measuring Globalisation 2001

    This publication presents detailed data on the role played by multinationals in the OECD economies. Volume I, which is updated annually on SourceOECD, provides data for the manufacturing sector. Volume II, published here for the first time, presents data for services. Both volumes of the present edition also include for the first time data on the activity of affiliates of national firms abroad.

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  • 8-March-2002


    Linking Innovation to Productivity Growth Using Two Waves of the Community Innovation Survey (STI Working Paper 2002/8)

    Using two waves of the Community Innovation Survey (CIS) for the Netherlands, this paper integrates recent lines of research to estimate the contribution of innovation to manufacturing multifactor productivity (MFP) growth.

  • 6-March-2002


    Statistics on New Enterprises, Entrepreneurs and Survival of Start-ups: The Danish Experience (STI Working Paper 2002/7)

    This paper describes the methodology elaborated and used by Statistics Denmark to produce statistics on new enterprises, and also lists the indicators developed for measuring new enterprises.

  • 5-March-2002


    The Role of Exit and Entry in Australian Productivity Growth (STI Working Paper 2002/6)

    The central aim of this paper is to report findings from an Australian study of the influence of firm dynamics on labour productivity growth during Australia’s productivity surge in the 1990s.

  • 27-February-2002


    The Importance of Entry to Canadian Manufacturing (STI Working Paper 2002/3)

    Understanding the importance of the dynamic entry process in the Canadian economy involves measuring size of entry. The main purpose of this paper is to summarise the information that we have on the amount of entry in Canada.

  • 26-February-2002


    Plant Turnover and Productivity Growth in Canadian Manufacturing (STI Working Paper 2002/2)

    In this paper, we outline the size of the turnover in plants that have entered and exited the Canadian manufacturing sector over each of the last three decades. We also examine the contribution of plant turnover to labour productivity growth in the manufacturing sector over the three periods.

  • 15-February-2002


    Global Industrial Restructuring: Implications for Small Firms (STI Working Paper 2002/4)

    This paper assesses the drivers of global industrial restructuring and the impacts on small firms.

  • 18-January-2002


    Impact of the Adoption of Advanced ICTs on Firm Performance in the Canadian Manufacturing Sector (STI Working Paper 2002/1)

    This paper investigates the evolution of the industrial structure in the Canadian manufacturing sector and its relationship to technological change.

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