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  • 23-January-2009

    English, , 570kb

    The Shipbuilding Industry in Vietnam

    This report on the shipbuilding industry in Vietnam is one in a series of such reports intended to provide an insight into the shipbuilding sectors of both OECD members and non-OECD economies.

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  • 22-January-2009

    English, , 984kb

    The Shipbuilding industry in Chinese Taipei

    This report on the shipbuilding industry in Chinese Taipei is one of a series studies covering various OECD countries and non-OECD economies, and has been prepared to inform the OECD’s Council Working Party on Shipbuilding (WP6) on the status and future prospects of that industry.

  • 30-December-2008


    Fostering Entrepreneurship for Innovation (STI Working Paper 2008/5)

    This paper presents the role of entrepreneurship policies in supporting innovation in four OECD countries. It consists of a synthesis report based on the findings of country case studies on Korea, Mexico, Norway and Turkey. The case studies are appended to the synthesis report.

  • 17-December-2008


    Open Innovation in a Global Perspective: What Do Existing Data Tell Us? (STI Working Paper 2008/4)

    This paper presents different indicators using existing data on R&D investments, innovation survey data, patent data and data on licensing, illustrating the increasing importance and the different characteristics of open innovation across companies, industries and countries.

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  • 8-December-2008


    Workshop with non-OECD economies and industry on the changing economic structures of the shipbuilding sector, 4-5 December 2008

    Documents ands presentations made from OECD members, non-member economies and industry during the Workshop.

  • 8-December-2008


    OECD Entrepreneurship Review of Denmark

    This review of entrepreneurship policies in Denmark is an assessment of Denmark’s entrepreneurial performance in the context of the 2006 Globalisation Strategy set out by the Danish government.

  • 28-November-2008

    English, , 185kb

    Programme of the Shipbuilding Workshop with non-member economies and industry, December 2008

    Workshop with non-member economies and industry on the changing structure of the world shipbuilding industry held on 4-5 December 2008.

  • 7-October-2008


    Open Innovation in Global Networks

    Businesses are increasingly internationalising their innovation activities and working with external partners. This publication examines what drives companies to collaborate on R&D with international partners and how global networks fit into overall business strategies.

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  • 24-September-2008


    Workshop on Steel and Related Raw Materials, 15-16 December 2008

    Governments and industry reviewed and discussed current steel and steel-related raw material market developments, taking into account the consequences of the financial crisis presently hitting the world economy. The workshop built a broader understanding of the raw material markets and explored ways and means to improve the functioning of these markets to ensure a secure, predictable and accessible supply of steel raw materials while

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  • 23-September-2008


    The Global Competition for Talent: Mobility of the Highly Skilled

    This publication discusses the dimensions, significance and policy implications of international flows of human resources in science and technology (HRST) and aims to extend understanding of the dimensions of HRST mobility, particularly of scientists, engineers and researchers.

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