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Input-Output Tables (edition 1995): Access to data


The 1995 edition of OECD Input-Output tables, based on ISIC Revision 2, can be downloaded free of charge. The tables are found in EXCEL format (OECD I-O 1995ed) and as 'self-expanding' zipped EXE files in Lotus 1-2-3 format while the documentation is available in the two PDF files below.

Input-Output Tables -- Sources and Methods inout.PDF 111Kb
Country notes country.PDF 119Kb

I-O for OECD -- 1,6Mb

I-O for Australia -- IO_AU.EXE 468Kb
I-O for Canada -- IO_CA.EXE 843Kb
I-O for Denmark -- IO_DE.EXE 682Kb
I-O for France -- IO_FR.EXE 488Kb
I-O for Germany -- IO_GE.EXE 447Kb
I-O for Italy -- IO_IT.EXE 93Kb
I-O for Japan -- IO_JP.EXE 752Kb
I-O for Netherlands -- IO_NL.EXE 452Kb
I-O for United Kingdom -- IO_UK.EXE 492Kb
I-O for United States -- IO_US.EXE 503Kb


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