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Bilateral Trade in Goods by Industry and End-use Category


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The STAN Bilateral Trade Database by Industry and End-Use (BTDIxE) was first released at the end of 2011 with the aim of highlighting international flows of intermediate goods. It proved to be an efficient tool widely used by many trade analysts. This database is mainly drawn from the UNSD’s Comtrade Database and also uses historical data from the OECD's International Trade by Commodity Statistics (ITCS). In both underlying sources, values and quantities of imports and exports are compiled by partner country and according to detailed product classifications (lately Harmonised System (HS) 2012).

The database was re-designed over 2013 so that balanced bilateral trade flows could be constructed and used, together with national Supply-Use and Input-Output tables, as an input into the OECD’s Inter-Country Input-Output (ICIO) system – the principle source of the Trade in Value Added (TiVA) indicators developed by OECD and WTO.

BTDIxE consists of values of imports and exports of goods, broken down by reporting and partner countries, and by both industrial activities and end-use categories. Estimates are expressed in nominal terms, in current US dollars and are presented in the form of time-series for more than a hundred reporters and partners, including all OECD member countries and a wide range of non-member economies. The trade flows are divided into nine categories of goods, including the three main end-uses capital goods, intermediate inputs and consumption, and broken down by economic activities based upon the Revisions 3 and 4 of the ISIC classification.




BTDIxE database includes more than 100 countries covering all OECD members and a selection of non-OECD economies.

Time-series go up to year 2015 when available (the latest year available is subject to availability of underlying product-based annual trade statistics).

Further information can be found in BTDIxE documentation (subject to revision).




The industry list presented is based on ISIC classification and is compatible with other OECD data sets such as the STAN Database for Structural Analysis, the Input-Output Tables and the ANBERD Database on Research & Development Expenditures in Industry.


Old editions of BTDIxE (and BTD) are available in the STAN Archives section on OECD.Stat.


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