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73rd OECD Steel Committee Meeting


At the Steel Committee meeting held in Paris on 6-7 December 2012, government and industry delegates from OECD and non-OECD economies discussed the slow growth of global steel demand and prospects for the steel industry. Participants also:

  • discussed the slow growth of global steel consumption observed in 2012 and expectations of moderate improvement for 2013;
  • highlighted that the long-term prospects for steel as a material were favourable, but that the steel industry will face significant challenges;
  • exchanged views on the extent of excess steelmaking capacity and on industry and government approaches towards addressing this issue;
  • noted the intensification of trade measures applied to steel, particularly non-tariff measures; and
  • discussed the impacts of climate change policies on the competitiveness of the industry, and the need to further improve energy efficiency in the manufacture of steel.


Several presentations given at the meeting are available below.


Item 4. The future of steel: how will the industry evolve and stay competitive in the long term?


Item 5. Global steel market situation and outlook

 Raw Material Market Update


Item 6. Overcapacity in steel: the past, current and future situation


Item 7. Trade policies: investigating non-tariff measures in steel


Item 8. Update on environmental policy developments


Item 9. Chairman’s statement


Item 10. Future meetings

The 74th session of the Committee has been scheduled for 1-2 July 2013 at OECD headquarters in Paris.


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