Digital economy

Workshop on the protection of children in a connected world


 15-16 October 2018  Zurich, Switzerland


Hosted by the Digital Society Institute of the University of Zurich, this workshop is organised in the context of the review of the 2012 OECD Recommendation for the Protection of Children Online. It will examine how the landscape that created the need for the Recommendation has since evolved. Specifically, it will aim to review:

  • What new opportunities and online risks are emerging in a landscape where children have become users of all sorts of devices, not just computers and laptops but of multiple Internet-enabled and connected devices? 

  • Have regulatory frameworks, policies and educational approaches kept pace with the new online risks ? Can they be effective in mitigating the new risks without disrupting children’s beneficial uses of the Internet and online interaction?

  • What digital literacy deficits have to be tackled today and what new critical digital skills are needed to strengthen children's risk awareness and resilience

  • What are the relevant developments in the area of consent and controls and what are the implications for policy?

  • How can technological developments help build a protective environment?

The workshop will gather around 40 international experts including representatives from the OECD, academia, public and private sectors, policy makers, representatives of relevant regional and international organisations, regulators, clinicians and consumers’ associations. Participation is by invitation only. 

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