Digital economy

Seizing the Benefits of ICT in a Digital Economy (STI Digital Economy Paper 72)


The 2001 OECD Ministerial report, The New Economy: Beyond the Hype , concluded that information and communications technology (ICT) is of great importance, with the potential to contribute to more rapid growth and productivity gains in the years to come.

Seizing the Benefits of ICT in a Digital Economy revisits ICT's contribution to economic performance using new and more recent data to assess the degree to which the findings that appeared valid at the end of 2000 remain intact. This new report also examines whether the policy conclusions from the previous OECD work require adjustment in the current economic environment, and what measures OECD governments should take to seize the benefits of ICT.

The findings and policy implications of the work are summarised in this report; they reaffirm and elaborate those of the OECD Growth Study.

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