Digital economy

Public sector broadband procurement workshop


This workshop reviewed public policies designed to expand or speed broadband coverage in poorly served regions and areas. It focused onpublic sector demand aggregation and broadband procurement mechanisms. Particular attention was paid to development of new applications and content provision and impacts on government services, health care and education.

  1. Introductions

  2. Overview of project: OECD Secretariat

    Summary of survey responses and highlights of emerging issues

  3. National presentations

    Each presentation focused on different aspects of broadband procurement and demand aggregation.

    United Kingdom: broadband procurement to improve efficiency and effectiveness of public sector service delivery ( Mike Gunston , Office of Government Commerce).

    Italy: demand aggregation to encourage infrastructure rollout to under-served regions ( Daniela Battisti , Ministry for Innovation and Technologies).

    France: recommendations for broadband public procurement ( Alain Ducass , Ministère de l'Industrie).

    Canada: procurement and demand aggregation in a federal structure (the role of central, provincial and local government actors) ( Bev Mahony , Industry Canada).

    Denmark: A demand-pull strategy when broadband coverage is high - implementing the necessary steps for future development ( Christian Berg , IT- and Telecom Agency).

  4. Future work and wrap-up report to the Working Party on theInformation Economy: OECD Secretariat


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