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OECD Information and Communication Policy News - November 2006


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November 2006 issue

Information Technology Outlook 2006

  • The ICT industry is expected to grow by 6% in 2006 and trade is growing even faster.
  • There is a shift in IT manufacturing within the OECD area, particularly towards assembly in Mexico and Eastern Europe.
  • Outside of the OECD area, China is the world's biggest exporter of ICT goods and Indian firms are globally competitive services suppliers.
  • IT policy priorities are changing, but can countries rise to the new challenges posed by globalised ICT production?

OECD online debate - Grappling with the world's new IT giants

The rise of China and India in the IT industry will be the subject of a live online debate on 20 November, building on analysis in the Information Technology Outlook 2006. Please see from 13 November for more information or email your questions or comments on this issue directly to

International anti-spam initiatives unite at the Internet Governance Forum in Athens, Greece

In the framework of the Internet Governance Forum, which took place in Athens from 30 October to 2 November 2006, the OECD organised the workshop “Anti-spam Toolkit: a multi-stakeholder, multilayered approach”.

During the workshop the creation of the website was announced. is an international co-operative effort, spear-headed by the OECD, in partnership with the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC), the EU Contact Network of Enforcement Authorities (CNSA), the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) the London Action Plan (LAP), and the Seoul-Melbourne MoU, aiming to help coordinate international action against spam more effectively and improve information sharing. The workshop presentations and report, as well as links to previous OECD work on spam are available online at or on the OECD Spam Task Force website at

Cross-border Enforcement of Privacy Laws

The OECD has undertaken an examination of challenges posed by cross-border aspects of privacy law enforcement. As a first step, a Report on the Cross-border Enforcement of Privacy Laws has been released. It examines the law enforcement authorities and mechanisms that have been established with a particular focus on how they operate in the cross-border context. It describes existing arrangements to address the challenges and identifies a number of issues that require further consideration.

Policy Brief: Protecting Consumers from Cyberfraud

The Internet offers consumers worldwide more choice and easier ways to purchase goods and services. However, the electronic marketplace has not yet realised its full potential. One reason frequently given is consumer concern about fraud and online scams. This Policy Brief looks at the various forms of cyberfraud, assesses their impact on the digital economy and examines options for governments to address the problem.

Potential impacts of international sourcing on different occupations

This new report (October 2006) examines the relationship between different types of potentially offshorable employment (clerical and "non-clerical") and factors such as trade in business services and foreign direct investment. It finds that different factors drive changes in the employment share of potentially offshorable clerical and “non-clerical” occupations.


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The goal of the OECD's work on Information and Communication Policy is to help governments maximise the benefits of the "information society". Emerging trends in ICT technologies, applications and uses constantly challenge policy development and co-ordination. Through benchmarking and analysis, the OECD is able to help countries with analysis, recommendations and best practices. More information about OECD work on the information society.


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