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Co-organised by USONC and OECD, this event will look into how OECD countries are using health-related ICTs to improve access to health services, quality of care, and health system productivity, and how effective governments’ actions are to promote adoption and use of ICTs.

The OECD Working Party on Consumer Product Safety will hold a workshop on risk assessment in Tel-Aviv, Israel, to provide an opportunity to present and discuss the different approaches to assess product risks.


This publication, just released, reviews the telecommunication market in Mexico, examines the current policy and regulatory framework of the sector and puts forward proposals for reform in order to develop competition in the market.

The smart grid is revolutionizing electricity production and consumption. However, the roles of partners from distinct industries must be clarified and new coordination of government departments and stakeholder communities achieved.

The openness of the Internet has been key in stimulating innovation and economic growth and stems from its multi-stakeholder model of development and management. Amid growing concern that this openness is eroding, the OECD has adopted a set of shared principles to preserve the fundamentally open and dynamic nature of the Internet.

This working paper investigates indicators to quantify the local content that can be delivered through the Internet, their strengths and potential drawbacks.

Amidst fundamental changes in the data processing landscape, this study is designed to describe the present status of transborder data flow regulation, and to provoke reflection about its aims, operation, and effectiveness, now and in the future.

This report explains why digital identity management is fundamental for the further development of the Internet economy. It also provides guidance for digital identity strategies that support innovation across the public and private sectors while enhancing security, privacy and trust online.

The OECD Communications Outlook 2011 examines recent developments in the communications sector, which has emerged from the global financial crisis with a resilience and underlying strength reflecting its critical role in today’s economies.

This document compares major trends in the diffusion of the Internet across OECD and selected non-OECD countries. It shows how the Internet is changing people’s lives and business behaviours, increasing productivity, stimulating innovation and opening new opportunities.


This expert workshop brought together experts from the IP- interconnection community and experts on interconnection from national regulatory authorities to discuss future interconnection in an all-IP world.

This Forum focused on mobile devices and networks, applications, machine to machine communication and new ideas for a mobile future with speakers from Sony, Google, Intel, ARM, Ofcom, Qualcomm, the City of Rotterdam, among others presenting their visions of the future and demonstrating applications available today.

A recent Consumer Policy Toolkit workshop on telecommunication services examined the methods and techniques employed by governments and stakeholders to address consumer issues in communication services, mainly focusing on misleading advertising, contract terms and billing issues.

OECD workshop on broadband metrics, Washington DC, 12-13 October 2011
The focus of this event was discussion to take stock of existing international data collections and to consider how to further harmonize and augment broadband-related data collections across OECD economies.

The OECD organised several events at the sixth annual IGF Meeting in Nairobi (Kenya) that took place 23-30 September 2011, including an open forum on Principles for an Open Internet, and workshops on m-government and on the relationship between local content, Internet development and access prices.

Drawing together leaders from all stakeholder communities, the OECD held a High-Level Meeting in June 2011 on "The Internet Economy: Generating Innovation and Growth". This meeting aimed to continue fostering the development of the Internet economy and to reach a consensus on adopting shared principles for an open Internet economy.


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