Digital economy

News in the Internet Age: New Trends in News Publishing



Pages: 160
ISBN 978-92-64-08869-6
Published: Nov. 2010




The economics of news production and distribution is in a state of radical change. After very profitable years, newspaper publishers in most OECD countries face declining advertising revenues and significant reductions in titles and circulation. About 20 out of 30 OECD countries face declining newspaper readership, which is now at its lowest among younger people.

At the same time, many promising forms of news creation and distribution are being tested. Some of these are empowered by increasing technological sophistication, new information intermediaries and the resulting decentralised forms of content creation. However, despite these new possibilities, no business and/or revenue-sharing models have been found to finance in-depth independent news production. This raises questions about the supply of high-quality journalism in the longer term and roles that government support might take in supporting a diverse and local press without putting its independence at stake.

This study provides an in-depth treatment of the global newspaper publishing market and its evolution, with a particular view on the development of online news and related challenges.

Table of contents

Executive Summary (download pdf)


Chapter 1. The Evolving Newspaper Publishing Industry

Chapter 2. The Value Chain and Economics of the Traditional Newspaper Industry

Chapter 3. Online News: Developments, Value Chains, Business Models and Actors

Chapter 4. The Future of News Creation and Distribution: Opportunities and Challenges

Chapter 5. Business and Policy Issues

Annex A. Newspaper and Online News Measurement Issues

Annex B. OECD Policy Guidance on Digital Content

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