Digital economy

Mark MacCarthy




Professor, Georgetown University


Mark MacCarthy teaches and conducts research at Georgetown University's Communication, Culture, and Technology Program. He teaches courses on the development of the electronic media, technology policy and Internet freedom. He is also an adjunct member of the Department of Philosophy where he teaches courses in political philosophy and philosophy and privacy.  He conducts research and consults in the areas of information privacy and security, the future of the media, intermediary liability, open standards, electronic and mobile commerce and other technology policy issues.


He was Senior Vice President for Global Public Policy at Visa Inc, where he was responsible for policy initiatives affecting electronic commerce, new technology and information security and privacy. He was a senior manager with the Wexler-Walker Group, a Washington public policy consulting firm, and headed the Washington office of Capital Cities/ABC. His government service includes positions as a professional staff member on the U.S. House of Representative’s Committee on Energy and Commerce, where he handled communications policy issues, and as an economist at the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration.


Mr. MacCarthy has a PhD in philosophy from Indiana University and an MA in economics from the University of Notre Dame. 


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