Digital economy

Joint WPIE/TISP Workshop: Broadband: Infrastructure, applications and use


OECD, 5 December 2001

The OECD is undertaking work on broadband as part of its work programme on the digital divide. This work is predominantly looking at the economic and social impacts on business, households and individuals of new infrastructure developments. The OECD is also undertaking work on high priority policy issues dealing with all aspects of network infrastructure, and has begun work on broadband infrastructure and the policy requirements to enhance roll-out of this infrastructure; see DSTI/ICCP/TISP(2001)2/FINAL, " The development of broadband access in OECD countries". Information on institutional and regulatory issues related to the network infrastructure is summarised in OECD (2001), Communications Outlook; and background information is further summarised in the Drivers of Growth: Information technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. Further work is being carried out in the 2002 work programme.

The workshop on broadband infrastructure and applications was organised in response to the high level of policy interest shown in the ICCP Committee and the Working Parties on Telecommunication and Information Services Policy (TISP) and Information Economy (IE), the Council Meeting at Ministerial Level in May 2001 and policy initiatives in many OECD countries. This is due to the growing importance of broadband infrastructure and its potential to deliver new services, restructure business activities, and greatly expand household access. The Workshop built on the workshop on the "Digital Divide: Enhancing access to ICTs" , held on 7 December 2000, which covered related issues but did not examine broadband.

Structure: Two half-days, with each half-day divided into 2 sessions with a different theme and focus.