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IGF Workshop on "The Role of Internet Intermediaries in Advancing Public Policy Objectives"


The goal of the Workshop is to discuss and identify lessons learned from experience to date of Internet intermediaries in helping to advance public policy objectives. The workshop will introduce the concept of “Internet intermediaries”, the categories of actors considered, their role, and the three ways in which intermediaries can take on a policy role: through responses to legal requirements; through their business practices; and through industry self-regulation. It will discuss the roles and responsibilities of Internet intermediaries for actions by users of their platforms, their nature and extent and the implications. The workshop is part of a stream of work being conducted by the OECD.


The workshop will take place on September 16 from 14.30 to 16.30, in Room 1. There will be one keynote speaker followed by short structured interventions (7 – 10 min). Except for the keynote speaker, there will be no visual presentations during the interventions.



  • Karine Perset, Economist/Policy Analyst, Information and Communications Policy Division, OECD Secretariat 
  • Lilian Edwards, Professor of Internet Law, University of Sheffield 
  • Marc Berejka Senior Policy Advisor, Office of the Secretary, US Department of Commerce
  • Kurt Opsahl, Senior Staff Attorney, Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • Pedro Less Andrade, Senior Policy Counsel – Latin America, Google Inc.
  • Brenton Thomas, Assistant Secretary, Spectrum and Wireless Services/Networks Policy and Regulation, Australia 
  • Mark MacCarthy, Professor, Georgetown University (remote participant)
  • Anne-Lena Straumdal, Senior Adviser, Ministry of Government Administration, Reform and Church Affairs, Norway 
  • Joseph Alhadeff, Vice President for Global Public Policy and Chief Privacy Officer, Oracle Corporation (BIAC)
  • Gwen Hinze, (to be confirmed) International Director, Electronic Frontier Foundation. Representative of the Civil Society Information Society Advisory Council (CSISAC) to the OECD ICCP Committee (remote participant)



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