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IGF Workshop on "How to measure communication and media in digital converging era"


Thanks to digitalization all media are converging more and more into a common space with other forms of communications.

Press, radio, television and internet and even their receiving tools are progressively integrating. The former barriers between linear and non linear, mass media and individual communications are progressively dissolving or becoming confuse.

As a consequence, the traditional ways to measure the use of media are becoming obsolete. The measure of telephone households subscribers for telecom, as well of audience ratings for TV and radio or the number of copies sold for newspapers and magazines are not anymore sufficient to give a picture of what happens in the new media world.

European Broadcasting Union and European Audiovisual Observatory -specialists in electronic media measurement- and OECD -specialized in telecom use measurement have decided to join forces and to work together towards new ways to measure convergence and will bring this reflection to the Internet Governance Forum, because there could be no governance without a transparent, reliable and multi-stakeholder approved set of data to understand and measure the new media world after the convergence process will be completed.


The workshop will take place on September 15 from 16.30 to 18.30, in Room 5.


  • Prof. Preben Sorensen, president European Alliance of Listeners and Viewers  Associations (Euralva)

  • Prof. Antonio Granado, Universidade Lisboa

  • Jeroen Verspeek (Head of Audience Research Department) and Marije Andela (Internet resp.) NPO

  • André Lange, European Audiovisual Observatory - Council of Europe

  • Alex Shulzycki, EBU Strategic information Service - ITU Sector member

  • Frédéric Bourassa, OECD - Statistician on Communications indicators



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