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[Future of the Internet workshop] OECD Discussion Forum -- Contribution from GOTAPP


[Future of the Internet workshop] OECD Discussion Forum -- Contribution from GOTAPP to the OECD Discussion Forum, Jean Marc Levy Dreyfus, Online & GroupWare : Managing Director, The GOTAPP Consortium Coordinator.

We all agree that there are fundamental limitations to the current Internet architecture -- security, robustness, quality of services, ID management, privacy.. and that the Web is at the limit of its extensibility.

From that point we are trying to solve the problem of the Internet, which is what the 5 questions are about.

I wonder if we'd solve the fundamental issues would we resolve these questions? Indeed, what is the point in unlocking the Internet development, if the human factor is left aside.

Actually I bet that if we do not enable a secure usage by anyone of his digitized personal content anytime, any device we are not going to solve any problem at all.

To make a comparison, what would be the point in refining the cars and the vehicles or enlarging the interstates highways if we would not have an open to all, secure and easy to use transit and transport network.

In my view, there are 4 very basic and unavoidable questions to require our maximum effort now:

In the Global digitized space :

  1. What is my address (where is my place, my territory in the cyberspace)?
    I believe we cannot go on very far when the network only knows pseudo and devices. And when those who do not have a pseudo are totally left aside. I believe that owning an address in the digital space should not be a choice for the elite but an human right for all. (By the way the boom of the mobile is in my view linked to the fact that now everyone may have his undisputed telephone number - address )
  2. Where is my -digitized- stuff? (regardless of its file format or location)
    This question is accurate both for those who have no personal digitized information to store because they are too poor and for the happy few that have too many instances (hard disks, web mails, mobile phone, remote storage, blogs, buddy lists, favorites links, Pictures albums) where their stuff is clogged and so time consuming to retrieve. Think about the paradox that I am now searching very hard for things I recall but I do not remember where they are stored and I very easily find things providing they have been posted - I did not had a clue a second ago.
  3. Who certifies my ID? Who rules and checks the players ?
    Today no-one does. Sure one can certify the device the IP address, the MAC or the smart card or a Login password.
  4. And finally, how can I trust the Internet when the news keeps on telling crooks and hacks stories?
    A poorly secured environment, with no traceability, no certainty of services and no warranty of any kind. My transactions are confirmed with an email!!! Messages that navigates in an ocean of spam and malware, powered with a protocol that was never thought for that stormy weather!!! Do you wonder why banks spend so much money in their own network and software systems when they could save so much with the Internet??


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