Digital economy

Broadband Content Panel: Agenda


Broadband Content Panel
3 June 2004
OECD, Chateau de La Muette, Paris

Broadband panel presentations - Government presentations

Address and introduction by the Chair and the Secretariat

Session 1. Rise of Digital Content and Value Chain Developments

Session 2. Cases: Scientific and Technical Publishing, Music and Online Games Transforming Value Chains, Changing Business Models and Obstacles

Scientific and Technical Publishing



Online Computer and Video Games

Additional presentation:


Summary by David Worlock (Digital Content Forum) and Conclusions by the Chair


Government presentations

The United Kingdom's (or DTI's) Engagement with the Content Sector
John Kroeger
Head, Computer Games and Internet Commerce
Digital Content and Publishing Unit, Department of Trade and Industry, United Kingdom

Promotion Policy for Content Business in Japan
Masamichi Kono
Secretariat of Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters Cabinet Secretariat, Japan

Norway's Strategy for Electronic Content
Eivind Lorentzen
Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry

Broadband in the United States: Regulator’s View Irene Wu
Assistant Chief, Regional and Industry Analysis
Strategic Analysis and Negotiations Division, International Bureau
US Federal Communications Commission

New Growth Engine Digital Contents Industry: Policies for Promotion of Digital Contents Industry
Young-A Im
Knowledge & Information Industry Division
Ministry of Information and Communication, Korea

eContent Policies and Action Plans
Daniela Battisti
Coordinator, Research and Studies Unit
Minister for Innovation and Technologies, Italy

Music: The First Case Study
Sacha Wunsch-Vincent and Graham Vickery
Working Party for the Information Economy
OECD Secretariat, Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry