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April 2010 issue
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OECD Workshop, “Enhancing the Value and Effectiveness of Environmental Claims: Protecting and Empowering Consumers”, Paris, 15-16 April 2010

Environmental claims can play an important role in encouraging consumers to make choices which support environmental goals, while rewarding innovative companies. Policymakers will discuss how to provide consumers with meaningful information on environmental claims, in order to expand consumer choices that support sustainable consumption.

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OECD Expert Workshop, “The Role of Internet Intermediaries in Advancing Public Policy Objectives”, Paris, 16 June 2010

The goal of this workshop is to identify best practices and lessons learned from experience to date of Internet intermediaries in advancing public policy objectives. It will discuss the roles and responsibilities of Internet intermediaries for actions by users of their platforms, the nature and extent of their role and implications.

United Kingdom - OECD Conference, “The Evolution of News Delivery: Opportunities and Challenges”, London, 21 June 2010

This conference aims to further the understanding of changes in news delivery and policy issues associated with these changes. It will focus on the transformation of the news value chain, drivers of change and the development of new business models, on-line governance, standards and competition and other emerging issues.


Internet Addressing - Measuring Deployment of IPv6, Apr. 2010

IPv4 addresses are nearing full allocation, with over 92% of all available addresses already in use in March 2010. Global adoption of IPv6 – the long-term solution to the address space problem – would require a major increase in its use, in little time, and significant mobilization across all parts of the Internet. This report shows that while IPv6 use seems to be growing slightly faster than IPv4, IPv6 is not being deployed sufficiently quickly to intercept the estimated IPv4 exhaustion date, which could stifle creativity and the deployment of new services.

The Economic and Social Role of Internet Intermediaries, Apr. 2010

Internet intermediaries give access to, host, transmit and index content originated by third parties or provide Internet-based services to third parties. This report develops a common definition and understanding of what Internet intermediaries are, of their economic function and economic models, of recent market developments, and discusses the economic and social uses that these actors satisfy. It is Part I of the Committee’s larger project on the role of Internet intermediaries in advancing public policy objectives.

Developments in Cable Broadband Networks, Mar. 2010

The cable television market has changed drastically in recent years. The threat to cable from non-traditional video sources has pushed cable operators to upgrade their networks to support higher bandwidth data services and new video content and applications. This report examines developments in cable markets including the growth of cable voice services, recent consolidation trends and the transitions toward all-IP infrastructure models.

Wireless Broadband Indicator Methodology, Mar. 2010

The OECD’s wireless broadband methodology is a new structure for measuring and comparing the number of wireless/mobile broadband subscriptions across countries. The methodology is the result of several rounds of contributions and discussions among member countries and telecommunication firms. The new indicator will assist in informing policy makers and other stakeholders in this increasingly important market segment.

Revision of the Methodology for Constructing Telecommunication Price Baskets, Mar. 2010

The OECD uses a “basket” methodology to compare retail prices of telecommunication services across countries. The methodology is used to compare the price of a defined consumption pattern of telecommunication services across operators in OECD countries. The baskets are reviewed and revised periodically as consumption patterns change. This 2009 revision to the basket composition is the result of discussions among operators and regulators and will serve as the basis for price comparisons for several years.

International Mobile Roaming Services: Analysis and Policy Recommendations, Mar. 2010

In the context of work on international mobile roaming services (IMRS), a first report in 2009 found prices to be unreasonably high, considering the underlying costs, and identified some of the causes for this price level. This new report aims to examine and suggest possible solutions and policy options that may address the problem of high IMRS charges. It assesses their viability and possible side effects.

Smart Sensor Networks - Technologies and Applications for Green Growth, Dec. 2009

Sensor networks play an important role in tackling environmental challenges. Sensor applications in smart power grids, smart buildings and smart industrial processes make significant contributions to more efficient resource use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants. This report gives an overview of sensor technologies and applications, and quantifies their environmental impacts.

Network Developments in Support of Innovation and User Needs, Dec. 2009

New innovations such as smart electrical grids, tele-medicine, intelligent transportation networks, interactive learning and cloud computing will require fast communication networks to operate efficiently. Government investment in new fibre networks could be justified based on just small direct benefits in four key sectors of the economy – electricity, health, education and transportation.


The 30th Anniversary of the OECD Privacy Guidelines, 10 Mar. 2010

The OECD held the first of three events to mark the 30th anniversary of its Privacy Guidelines. The Honorable Michael Kirby delivered the keynote address at the Roundtable, held in Paris on 10 March. He was joined by representatives from governments, civil society and business, who paid tribute to the impact the Guidelines around the world and discussed the Guidelines in light of current privacy challenges.

ICPHSO International Day on Consumer Product Safety, 15-18 Feb. 2010

The OECD participated in the event of the International Consumer Product Health and Safety Organization, held on 15-18 February 2010, in Washington D.C. During the meeting, the OECD outcomes of an analytic review of cross-border information sharing mechanisms will be shared and discussed. The conclusions of the debate will be then taken into account for the OECD future work on consumer product safety.

2009 Conference on Empowering E-Consumers: Strengthening Consumer Protection in the Internet Economy, Washington, 8-10 Dec. 2009

E-commerce has evolved dramatically since 1999, when the OECD issued its first Guidelines for Consumer Protection in the Context of Electronic Commerce. Government, business, civil society, international organisations and academics explored how effective the guidelines are and what new opportunities, obstacles and risks consumers face in today’s online world. The discussion was based on a report that identifies key trends and issues that require further attention from business and governments to strengthen consumer trust in the Internet economy.

COP15: The Role of ICTs for Climate Change. Lead Role or Supporting Act?, Copenhagen, 9 Dec. 2009

The OECD used latest video-conferencing technology to hold an international discussion in real-time at the UN Climate Change talks in Copenhagen (COP15). The topic was: “The role of ICTs for climate change. Lead role or supporting act?”. It involved speakers in Denmark, India, Hong Kong (China), France and Japan sitting around a “virtual” table and facing each other in high definition.


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