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  • Trust

    The OECD focuses on the development of better policies to ensure that security and privacy foster economic and social prosperity in an open and interconnected digital world.

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  • Big data and the knowledge economy

    Vast new reserves of information offer the prospect of significant value creation, social benefit and productivity enhancement, but also raise important policy and societal questions.

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  • Internet policy and governance

    The OECD continues its work to analyse the critical interplay between the Internet, innovation, economic development and social well-being.

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Latest news

Internet Governance- Social Compact for Digital Privacy and Security
15 April 2015

The Proliferation of "Big Data" and Implications for Official Statistics and Statistical Agencies: A Preliminary Analysis
12 January 2015

Technology Foresight Forum 2014: The Internet of Things
Paris, 11 December 2014

Today is Cyber Monday and so is tomorrow and the next day and the next...
1 December 2014

Compare countries' Internet use and online activities
24 November 2014

The Economics of Transition to IPv6
6 November 2014

Skills and Jobs in the Internet Economy
27 October 2014

Global Forum on the Knowledge Economy 2014:
Data-driven Innovation for a Resilient Society
Tokyo, 2-3 October 2014

Governing the Internet: OECD at IGF 2014 
4 September 2014

Cloud Computing: The Concept, Impacts and the Role of Government Policy
19 August 2014

Broadband statistics update: Subscription growth stable for fixed; still high for wireless
22 July 2014

Internet Policy and Governance
1 July 2014

Broadband access speed tests
13 June 2014

Tackling the spectrum crunch: Is more sharing the answer?
14 May 2014

Colombia telecoms regulator needs more power to increase competition, says OECD
9 April 2014


As the Internet transforms the way people, businesses and economies work, what policies do governments need to implement so everyone benefits from the digital economy?

Measuring the Digital Economy:
A New Perspective

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The Internet Economy
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