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Diagnostic of Chile’s Engagement in Global Value Chains
Read online | January 2016

This OECD report, commissioned by the Dirección General de Relaciones Económicas Internacionales (DIRECON) of the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, aims to lay an empirical foundation for structuring economic policies to facilitate Chile’s GVC participation and maximise the benefits associated with it for national firms and workers.


Inclusive Global Value Chains: Policy options in trade and complementary areas for GVC Integration by small and medium enterprises and low-income developing countries
Read Online | 5 October 2015
This joint OECD and World Bank Group report focuses on the challenge of making GVCs more “inclusive” by overcoming participation constraints for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and facilitating access for Low Income Developing Countries (LIDCs).


Trade, global value chains and wage-income inequality
Read Online | 26 June 2015
This paper shows that GVC participation has a small effect on the distribution of wages and, when it has, it can reduce wage inequality when it concerns participation related to low-skilled segments of the labour force.


Participation of Developing Countries in Global Value Chains
Read Online
| 23 April 2015
Empirical analysis of the impact of developing country participation in global value chains, with a focus on Africa and Asia.


Global Value Chains: Challenges, Opportunities and Implications for Policy
Read Online
| 19 July 2014
OECD, WTO and World Bank Group report prepared for submission to the 2014 G20 Trade Ministers Meeting in
Sydney, Australia


Strengthening the multilateral trading system - Global Value Chains
Read Online
| 7 May 2014
Access all information on the meeting on global value chains from the session on trade at the Ministerial Meeting 2014.


OECD Stocktaking Seminar on Global Value Chains 2014
Read Online
| 5 May 2014
The Seminar provided an opportunity for participants to take a deep dive into the policy lessons that are emerging from the new OECD-WTO Trade in Value added (TiVA) database.


Connecting Local Producers in Developing Countries to Regional and Global Value Chains
Read online
| 08 Jan 2014
Factors that affect the competitiveness of developing countries in GVCs differ across four major economic sectors: agriculture, extractive industries, manufacturing and offshore services.


Trade Policy Implications of Global Value Chains
Read Online | 24 Dec 2013
Taking GVCs into account has important implications for trade policy. When production is vertically fragmented and trade in intermediate inputs is prevalent, one has to look differently at a certain number of issues.


Mapping Global Value Chains
Read Online | 19 Dec 2013
World trade and production are increasingly structured around GVCs. The last few years have witnessed a growing number of case studies describing at the product level how production is internationally fragmented, but there is little evidence at the aggregate level on the prevalence of GVCs.


Global Production Networks and Employment: A Developing Country Perspective
Read Online | 14 May 2013
This paper provides evidence of the links between GVCs and labour market outcomes, focusing on developing economies.


Global Value Chains and Developing Country Employment: A Literature Review
Read online | 14 May 2013
This paper provides a review of the available literature on GVCs and employment markets in developing countries.


Greening Global Value Chains: Implementation Challenges
Read Online | 6 May 2013
Some of the most important implementation issues associated with the greening of GVCs include how public policies and business strategies can support each other, particularly in developing countries.


Greening Global Value Chains: Innovation and the International Diffusion of Technologies and Knowledge
Read online
| 6 May 2013
This paper examines the role of innovation and the diffusion of technologies in the greening of global value chains as well as some of the main policy issues.


Trade Policy Implications of Global Value Chains
Read Online
| May 2013
This note explores the implications of GVCs for trade policy and trade agreements.


Building Green Global Value Chains: Committed Public-Private Coalitions in Agro-Commodity Markets
Read Online | 11 April 2013
Increasingly, the private sector is working in partnerships with the public sector on building green global value chains.


International Comparative Evidence on Global Value Chains
Read Online | 23 April 2012
The review of the available data and indicators on GVCs in this paper shows the increasing importance of GVCs in today's global economy, but at the same time clearly highlights some major shortcomings.


The Export Performance of Countries within Global Value Chains (GVCs)
Read online
| 12 Apr 2012
The growing importance of GVCs in the international organisation of production increasingly challenges the traditional way of measuring countries’ export performance and hence international competitiveness.




African Economic Outlook 2014

GVC integration could accelerate structural transformation in Africa if combined with upgrading. Trade in value added serves to measure global value chains. Africa so far captures a small but growing share of them.

Read online




Interconnected Economies: Benefiting from Global Value Chains 

Global Value Chains (GVCs) have exploded in the past decade and refer to the international dispersion of design, production, assembly, marketing and distribution of services, activities, and products.

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Enhancing the role of SMEs in Global Value Chains

This OECD report identifies the ways in which governments, the business community, and international organisations can facilitate SMEs’ gainful participation in global value chains.

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