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  • 29-October-2009

    English, PDF, 948kb

    Innovation in Country Risk Management

    This report looks at innovative practices in the management of risk in six countries: the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, Japan, the Netherlands and Singapore. It focuses on recent developments in risk management at central government level such as approaches to multi-risk identification and assessment, and methods to prioritise investments in mitigation activities.

  • 2-October-2009

    English, , 121kb

    Project description - Transcontinental Infrastructure Needs to 2030/2050

    The purpose of this Project is to bring together experts from the public and private sector to take stock of the long-term opportunities and challenges facing transcontinental infrastructure worldwide...

  • 12-August-2009


    The Future of International Migration to OECD Countries

    This book explores the social, economic and environmental forces that may combine to attract migrants of various types and backgrounds to OECD countries, as well as those that may persuade migrants to leave their countries or to stay at home.

  • 8-June-2009


    The bioeconomy is key to tackling many future global challenges, says OECD

    A new OECD report, The Bioeconomy to 2030: Designing a Policy Agenda, examines the role of biotechnology in the global economy over the next two decades and outlines policies that could maximize its benefits.

  • 28-May-2009


    The Bioeconomy to 2030: designing a policy agenda

    The biological sciences are adding value to a host of products and services, producing what some have labelled the “bioeconomy”.

  • 25-May-2009

    English, , 2,112kb

    Bioeconomy to 2030 - Main Findings and Policy Conclusions

    For the bioeconomy to succeed, considerable uncertainties and global challenges will need to

  • 15-April-2009


    The Bioeconomy to 2030: designing a policy agenda

    The Bioeconomy to 2030: Designing a Policy Agenda begins with an evidence-based technology approach, focusing on biotechnology applications in primary production, health, and industry. It describes the current status of biotechnologies and, using quantitative analyses of data on development pipelines and R&D expenditures from private and public databases, it estimates biotechnological developments to 2015. Moving to a broader

  • 10-April-2009

    English, , 1,958kb

    The Future of the family - scoping paper

    The IFP has released a scoping report on ”The Future of the Family”.

  • 2-February-2009


    The Future of International Migration to OECD Countries to 2030

    The OECD International Future’s Programme is preparing an expert’s workshop to take place in October 2008 to explore the main factors shaping the global migration landscape over the next 20-25 years. The aim of the workshop is to begin a process to equip decision makers with an enhanced understanding of the complexities and wider context of future migration flows, so that they may better manage the economic and social implications of

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  • 17-June-2008


    Risk in the Press and IFP reports

    IFP articles, publications and Studies in the Press.

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