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OECD Workshop Vienna 2000 on Genetic Testing: Policy Issues for the New Millennium


 Genetic Testing - Policy Issues for the New Millennium


The aims and objectives of the Workshop held on 23-25 February 2000, were to:

  • Review the current situation in genetic testing and to explore the impact of new genetic technologies upon healthcare practice in the next few years.
  • Consider the impact of commercialisation of new genetic technologies on healthcare economics and on the delivery of genetic testing.
  • Endorse best practice and make policy statements on:
    - The importance of genetic counselling.
    - Storage and confidentiality relating to samples and genetic data.
    - Facilitating access to genetic testing.
    - Appropriate involvement of patient/consumer groups in policy making, regulation and oversight.
    - Referring tests to accredited facilities.
  • To consider the benefits of international harmonisation in the areas of:
    - Regulation of the validation of genetic tests.
    - International recognition of external quality assessment programmes.
    - Standards for recording of genetic data.
    - Evaluation of the efficacy of new genetic tests and technologies.
    - International recognition of laboratory accreditation.

Workshop Programme and Abstracts