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Joint WHO/OECD Consultation on Xenotransplantation Surveillance, 4-6 October 2000


4-6 October 2000

At the 1997 WHO Consultation, the Canadian Forum 1997, the OECD New York '98 Workshop, and the UKXIRA '99 meeting, it was suggested that a first step towards global co-operation on xenotransplantation surveillance could be furthered through the development of internationally agreed guidance on reporting norms, and use of compatible information technology.

This consultation addressed this suggestion by:

  • facilitating national and international policy considerations on the desirability, purpose, structures and functions of xenotransplantation surveillance, taking into account the different applications of xenotransplantation;
  • reviewing current surveillance systems as operational models for the design of xenotransplantation surveillance;
  • considering what technical, information and logistic elements might be useful in support of effective international xenogeneic infection/disease surveillance.

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