Consumer policy

Workshops held by the Committee on Consumer Policy


Workshop on consumer protection and empowerment in the purchase of digital content
23 April 2012
The growing availability of innovative digital goods and services have provided consumers worldwide with numerous benefits. While consumers are increasingly purchasing them via a wide range of channels, e.g., e-commerce, social networking and cloud computing platforms, the level of consumer protection accorded to digital content products often differs from that accorded to physical goods. Also, misleading or unfair commercial practices in this field have raised concerns. Ways that consumers could fully profit from the digital economy will be explored at this workshop.

Consumer Policy Toolkit Workshop: Communication Services
25 October 2011
This workshop is aimed at examining the methods and techniques that governments, the industry and other stakeholders are employing to address certain consumer problems in communication services, notably i) billing issues, ii) contract terms, and iii) misleading and fraudulent claims. It will use the framework and approaches developed in the OECD Consumer Policy Toolkit , which is a practical guide designed to aid policy makers in understanding and evaluating consumer problems and in developing effective policy responses.

Consumer policy
15 April 2011
Innovative online payments services has increasingly been offered to consumers in recent years. Financial and non-financial institutions are now working towards the commercialisation of new and easy-to-use mobile payment systems. Despite the benefits and convenience these systems may bring, a number of issues need to be resolved. An OECD workshop served to discuss emerging challenges in the payments area and ways to address them effectively. The event was organised within the framework of the review of the 1999 E-commerce Guidelines.

Workshop on enhancing the value and effectiveness of environmental claims: protecting and empowering consumers
15-16 April 2010
This workshop aimed to examine the effectiveness of environmental claims and provided a forum for experts to exchange views and experiences.

Empowering E-Consumers: Strengthening Consumer Protection in the Internet Economy
8-10 December 2009
The world of electronic commerce has evolved dramatically since 1999, when the OECD issued its first Guidelines for e-Consumer Protection. How effective are they 10 years later? What new opportunities, obstacles and risks face e-consumers? How can consumer trust be strengthened? Senior government officials from OECD and non-member economies, representatives from business, civil society, international organisations, and academics discussed these and related issues at this conference.


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