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  • 25-July-2007


    Report on Second Roundtable on Economics for Consumer Policy (STI Digital Economy 132)

    Report on the 2nd Roundtable on Economics for Consumer Policy, held in October 2006, to consider the economic theories of information disclosure with a focus on two major industry sectors – telecommunications and financial services.

  • 16-July-2007


    OECD Recommendation on Consumer Dispute Resolution and Redress

    On 12 July 2007, OECD Member countries adopted a Recommendation on Consumer Dispute Resolution and Redress to provide governments with a framework to help consumers resolve disputes and settle claims with business.

  • 19-June-2007


    Report on OECD member countries' approaches to consumer contracts (STI Digital Economy Paper 131)

    This report covers the four issues most often raised by consumer contracts: misrepresentation; the seller's duty to supply information to the consumer; suitability, or "know your customer" rules; and protection against unsolicited offers and pressure sales tactics.

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  • 16-January-2007


    Mobile Commerce (STI Digital Economy Paper 124)

    Mobile commerce is a promising market both for consumers and businesses. However, consumer troubles and complaints are increasing and can sometimes become serious, including issues for minors.

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  • 9-August-2006

    English, , 280kb

    Workshop "the Future of the Internet" proceedings

    This document contains the proceedings of the OECD workshop, “Future of the Internet”, held in Paris on 8 March 2006.

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  • 19-May-2006


    In the News

    A collection of press citings on OECD Information and Communication Policy work and articles, based on work by OECD Analysts.

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  • 28-April-2006


    Report on a Roundtable on Demand-side Economics for Consumer Policy (STI Digital Economy Paper 116)

    This report summarises the discussions held at a roundtable hosted by the OECD Committee on Consumer Policy (CCP) in October 2005.

  • 25-April-2006


    Report on Disclosure Issues Related to the Use of Copy Control and Digital Rights Management Technologies (STI Digital Economy Paper 115)

    This report analyses the disclosure issues raised by technically‑imposed restrictions on the use of digital content.

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  • 19-April-2006


    Report of the OECD Task Force on Spam: Anti-Spam Toolkit of Recommended Policies and Measures (OECD Digital Economy Paper 114)

    The OECD has launched an Anti-Spam Toolkit to help governments and industry work together to combat spam. The Anti-Spam Toolkit, its annexes and background papers are available at

  • 21-March-2006


    Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID): Drivers, Challenges and Public Policy Considerations (STI Digital Economy Paper 110)

    RFID touches on several regulatory and/or policy issues with potentially wide-ranging social, economic, as well as national security implications, including international trade, intellectual property rights, standards, spectrum, security, and privacy

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