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  • 14-January-2019


    Online advertising: Trends, benefits and risks for consumers

    Online advertising is now the dominant form of advertising in many OECD countries, and raises some complex challenges for consumers and consumer protection authorities.

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  • 17-December-2018


    Consumer Product Safety

    OECD work on consumer product safety is aimed at strengthening information sharing on safety issues across borders.

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  • 14-November-2018

    English, PDF, 718kb

    It's smart, but is it safe? The Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and product safety - conference programme

    As part of International Product Safety Week, this joint OECD-EC conference looks at product safety opportunities, challenges and policy considerations related to these emerging technologies.

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  • 13-November-2018


    Enhancing product recall effectiveness globally

    This report aims to explore the challenges faced by product safety authorities, businesses, and other stakeholders in measuring and maximising the impact of product recalls globally. It also identifies elements that may be considered by governments and businesses to shape more effective communication strategies and increase consumer awareness of recall response rates.

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  • 12-November-2018


    Safety of products sold online: international awareness campaign

    According to recent OECD statistics, 68% of products identified as banned or recalled were supplied online. With the participation of over 25 jurisdictions, the #SafeProductsOnline campaign aims to inform online platforms, online sellers, and consumers about safety risks and how to check for recalled products prior to purchase.

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  • 15-October-2018


    Measuring and maximising the impact of product recalls globally

    This report points to the initiatives implemented by government, businesses, and civil society to measure and enhance product recall effectiveness. It also explores ways to increase consumer reactions to recall notices, based on insights from behavioural economics.

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  • 9-October-2018


    OECD global portal on product recalls

    This site brings together regularly updated information on product recalls being issued around the world. It includes information on mandatory and voluntary recalls issued by a governmental body and made publicly available. Recalled products can be filtered by category and jurisdiction.

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  • 17-September-2018

    Spanish, PDF, 977kb

    Protección al Consumidor en el Comercio Electrónico

    La OCDE ha enmendado su Recomendación sobre la Protección del Consumidor en el Comercio Electrónico. Las revisiones abordan los retos emergentes, incluidos los relacionados con el uso de datos del consumidor, calificaciones y opiniones del consumidor, el contenido digital y la competencia digital.

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  • 15-August-2018

    English, PDF, 631kb

    Online advertising: April 2018 roundtable summary

    Online behavioural advertising, which uses personal data to target ads, is now big business and has recently overtaken television to be the dominant form of advertising worldwide in terms of expenditure. It is important that consumer authorities understand how online advertising works, what the potential benefits for consumers are, and also the likely risks.

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  • 6-June-2018

    English, PDF, 398kb

    Protecting Consumers in Peer Platform Markets - workshop summary

    Peer platform markets bring opportunities and advantages but also raise new policy and regulatory challenges, including consumer protection issues. This document highlights some of the key themes and issues raised during the discussions at an OECD workshop held in November 2017.

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