Annual Report on Consumer Policy Developments


Parliamentary Committee on Future Consumer Policy

On 7 January 1999, the Swedish Government decided the terms of reference for the Committee requested to report on consumer policy for the next century. The Committee in its final Report, published on 3 April 2000, presented the following most important proposals for strengthening consumers' position on the market and drawing attention to consumer issues:

Consumers and IT

A Committee on consumer rights in the information society presented a Report in October 1999 containing the following most important proposals:

Review of the Travel Guarantees Act

A Committee to review the Travel Guarantees Act proposed in a Report, presented in December 1999, the replacement of the existing Act by a new Travel Guarantees Act. In accordance with the terms of reference of the Committee, the proposals aim at  maintenance and, where necessary,  improvement of the existing guarantee system in order to make it easy to manage, competitively neutral and consistent with a high level of consumer protection as enshrined, inter alia, in the EC Package Travel Directive. It is proposed that the main elements of the present Act   be maintained, while the scope of the law is to be broadened to some extent. On the other hand, it is proposed that the scope be limited to the use of the guarantee scheme for refunding and/or repatriating the consumer in the case of insolvency or bankruptcy of the operator/agency or in the case of a risk of such. The present Act covers other situations permitting consumers to be compensated from the guarantee, but the Report confirms that these situations nowadays usually give cause for compensation by virtue of the Package Travel Act.

Review of supervision of estate agents

The Committee on the review of the supervision of estate agents proposed in its Report in March 1999, inter alia, that the supervision by the Estate Agents Board should be broadened and that the Board should be given the mandate, after consultation with the professional organisations, to launch guidelines as regards codes of conduct and similar in this area.

Progress report on consumer policy in the EU

As a follow-up to a Government´s Report to the Riksdag (Parliament) on Sweden´s consumer policy in the EU, the Consumer Policy Department of the Ministry of Finance issued a progress report on this subject in March 1999. The report gives the objectives and Swedish standpoints on the different areas for discussion, established in 1996, and a number of additional issues. It further provides an update of the previous situation and a description of the government's continuing work on various issues in this area.

Coming Swedish Presidency in the EU during the first half of 2001

As of 1999, Sweden started  preparations for its first Presidency of the EU in 2001. The Swedish Government has singled out the consumer area as one of the four priority issues for Swedish EU policy.

Latest update 25 January 2001

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