Consumer policy


  • Consumer Economics

    Lack of laws or difficulties in enforcement creates an incentive for 'black ships' on the market. Some companies are then tempted to unfair commercial practices, which affect consumer welfare. Consumers need to be provided with adequate instruments and information.

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  • Consumers in the Digital Economy

    Consumers are drivers of the digital economy. Even though consumer benefits are well defined, the digital economy raises questions of security, privacy and trust.

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  • Consumer Product Safety

    To develop methods for monitoring and assessing developments in consumer product safety, including developments in policy and enforcement, co-operation between members and non-members on product safety issues is of mutual interest.

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The Committee on Consumer Policy (CCP) is the only intergovernmental forum addressing a broad range of consumer issues. It aims to help public authorities enhance the development of effective consumer policies. It does so by i) carrying out research and analysis, and developing policy guidelines on topics of common interest; ii) exchanging information on current and emerging issues and trends; and iii) examining ways to strengthen policy outcomes, both among governments and with other stakeholders.

The committee, which includes senior consumer policy and enforcement officials from OECD governments, works closely with experts from civil society and the business community. In addition to its semi-annual meetings, the CCP organises workshops on specific issues in which stakeholders from non-member economies often take part. Some of these non-members - Colombia, India, Peru, Latvia and Egypt - participate in the committee as regular observers.

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