Biotechnology policies

Biotechnology Statistics - Iceland


Collection/compilation agency: The Icelandic Research Centre - RANNIS

Collection/compilation type: R&D Survey for 1999 and a Dedicated Biotechnology Use and Development survey for the 2001 to 2003 period.

Variables: Information about statistical unit:

  • Turnover of R&D performing organisations
  • R&D expenditures on biotechnology and financing of those expenditures
  • Personnel in full-time equivalent and headcount with gender classification
  • Co-operation with others in field of biotechnology R&D (subdivided into six categories)
  • Objectives of the biotechnology R&D activities (subdivided into nine activities)
  • Main results of biotechnology R&D
  • Number of patents grants and applications
  • Number of publications from biotechnology R&D
  • Number of spin-offs
  • Fields of science in new projects related to R&D in biotechnology
  • Obstacles met regarding R&D in biotech
  • Main success of R&D in biotech.

Scope: All sectors involved; business enterprise, private non-profit, higher education and public research institutes.

Frequency: Two ad hoc surveys were carried out. Questions were included in the 1999 in the R&D survey for the first time. A dedicated biotechnology use and development survey was carried out for the 2001 to 2003 period.

Periodicity: Ad hoc

Classification used:

For R&D work on biotechnology:

Human health:

1 Diagnostics (e.g. immunodiagnostics, gene probes, biosensors)
2 Therapeutics (e.g. vaccines, immune stimulants, Biopharmaceuticals, rational drug design, drug delivery, combinatorial chemistry)
3 Genomics and Molecular Modelling (e.g. DNA/RNA/protein sequencing & databases for humans, plants, animals and microorganisms)


4 Plant Biotechnology (e.g. tissue culture, embryogenesis, genetic markers, genetic engineering)
5 Animal Biotechnology (e.g. diagnostics, therapeutics, embryo transplantation, genetic markers, genetic engineering
6 Biofertilizers/Biopesticides/Bioherbicides/Biological Feed Additives/Microbial pest control (e.g. bacteria, fungi, yeasts)
7 Fish health (e.g. diagnostics, therapeutics)
8 Broodstock genetics (e.g. Tracking superior traits, genetic modification/ engineering)
9 Bioextraction (e.g. karageenan from seaweed, antifreeze proteins from fish, flavours)
10 Silviculture (e.g. ectomycorrhizae, tissue culture, somatic embryogenesis, genetic markers, genetic engineering)


11 Bioprocessing (e.g. using enzymes and bacteria culture)
12 Functional Foods/Nutriceuticals (e.g. probiotics, unsaturated fatty acids)
13 Environment
14 Other fields of biotechnology, which field?______________

For fields or branches:

Fish processing
Food processing
General industry
Environm. prot. pollution.
Health care
Others what __________________________

Definition used: OECD definition of biotechnology

Output: The OECD published a RANNIS paper presenting the 1999 survey. A publication covering the 2001 to 2003 period is forthcoming.

Future plans (plans for new collections, strategies, experiences etc.): No plans have been made yet for continuing the study on R&D in biotechnology. It is however rather clear that the newly established Science and Technology Policy Council and its committees, together with the Ministries involved, have shown great interest in being updated on the subject. It should be noted that it was the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture that requested RANNIS to carry out the survey for the 2001 to 2003 period.

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