Biotechnology policies

Biotechnology Statistics - Hungary



Collection/compilation agency:
Hungarian Central Statistical Office

Contact comments: As of 2005 questions related to biotechnology will be inserted into the Hungarian annual R&D survey

Contact details: 


Collection/compilation agency:
IKU (Innovation Research Centre) and FhGISI (Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research)

Collection/compilation type: Audit


  • Number of firms by size class: turnover (total and just bio)
  • Using turnover size categories: export earnings (total and just bio)
  • Export to advanced countries
  • R&D expenditure
  • Number of firms by size class
  • Employment (total and just bio)
  • Using employees size categories: R&D staff (total and just bio)
  • Scientific staff
  • Technical staff

And institutes:

  • Firms and institutes ranking: own contribution to biotechnological methods
  • Impeding factors to R&D in biotechnology
  • Existing and expected capabilities
  • Objectives for innovation in 1996
  • Domestic patent holders (at the beginning of 1996)
  • Importance of partners
  • Importance of external co-operation in R&D
  • Self-evaluation of in-house factors
  • Evaluation of external factors of competitiveness
  • R&D resources in comparison to main competitors
  • R&D output in comparison to main competitors
  • Number of biotechnology-related contracts in OMFB bidding system, by sector (1991-96, January)
  • Number of patent applications in Hungary
  • First 30 filers of recombinant biotechnology in Hungary

Scope: Business enterprise, higher education, private non-profit and government sectors.

Frequency: Onetime 1996

Periodicity: N/A

Classification used: N/A

Definition used: “For this project a rather broad understanding of biotechnology is used defining biotechnology as any technique that uses living organisms or parts thereof to make or modify products, to degrade substances to modify living organisms (plants, animals, micro-organisms) for specific uses, or for services (e.g. in analytical laboratories). Following this definition genetic engineering is not synonymous with biotechnology but rather one of the several methods which are used in biotechnology.”

Output: Bio-Technology Audit in Hungary, Guidelines, Implementation, Results Ulrike Bross, Annamária Inzelt, Thomas Reiss.

Contact comments: N/A

Contact details: IKU Innovation Research Centre Postal address: Hungary-1428 Pf.12


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