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Collection/compilation agency: Statistisches Bundesamt (Federal Statistical Office Germany)

Collection/compilation type: Special onetime voluntary surveys were conducted in 1992: by the Stifterverband for the Business enterprise sector and by the Federal Statistical Office for the higher education sector. A mandatory survey covered the government research institutes and the private non-profit organisations.


For the Business enterprise sector:

  • Intramural expenditures by type of research activity
  • Intramural expenditures by economic branches (industry)
  • Intramural expenditures by product group
  • Extramural expenditures by business enterprises for biotechnological research.

For the higher education sector:

  • Proportion of total working time of academic personnel attributable to biotechnological research
  • Expenditures by institutes of higher education for biotechnological research
  • Expenditures by funding category
  • Expenditures by fields of sciences
  • Institutions of higher education involved in biotechnological R&D.

For the government research institutions and private non profit organisations:

  • Expenditures for biotechnological research by government research institutions and private non profit organisations.

Scope: Business enterprise sector, higher education sector, government research institutions and private non profit organisations.

Frequency: Onetime study for 1992

Periodicity: Annual

Classification used: See variables

Definition used: “Biotechnological R&D is defined for the purposes of the survey as a systematic, creative work integrating biology, micro biology, molecular biology and engineering sciences in order to utilise or to increase the potential of living organisms or their cellular or sub-cellular or molecular components for the development of products, processes and services. R&D in biotechnology was further subdivided into R&D in biotechnology (excluding genetic engineering) and R&D in genetic engineering.”

Output: Statistisches Bundesamt, Ausgaben für biotechnologische Forschung (1995)

Contact comments: This study presents the results of the 1992 study the Federal Ministry of Education Science, Research and Technology commissioned the Federal Statistical Office to undertake in order to assess biotechnological R&D expenditures in Germany.

Contact details:

Collection/compilation agency:
 Federal Statistical Office - Germany

Collection/compilation type:  Biotechnology firm survey


  • Number of enterprises
  • Regional distribution of enterprises
  • Total employees
  • R&D employees (biotech)
  • R&D expenses; turnover/sales
  • Venture capital shareholding of financial service providers

Scope: The target population was sub-divided into five categories of enterprises that make up the German biotechnology landscape:

  • Category I: Biotechnology core enterprises applying mainly modern biotechnological procedures
  • Category II: Suppliers to the biotechnology core enterprises and research institutions
  • Category III: Enterprises working both as biotechnology core firms and suppliers
  • Category IV: Large life sciences industry enterprises with a significant focus on biotechnological activities
  • Category V: Consultants and financial service providers in the biotechnology branch

Frequency: Biennial

Periodicity: 2000 and 2002

Classification used: See scope

Definition used: OECD definition of biotechnology

Output: Federal Statistical Office, Unternehmen der Biotechnologie in Deutschland – Ergebnisse einer Pilotstudie für das Jahr 2000 (

Unternehmen der Biotechnologie in Deutschland – Ergebnisse der Wiederholungsbefragung 2002 (

Contact comments: Both surveys were done on a voluntary basis. The response rate was, per category (see scope), between 40 and 65% (overall it was approximately 58%).

Future plans (plans for new collections, strategies, experiences etc.): The next survey is planned for 2004 (reference year)

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The survey is available in the publication at:


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