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May 2017

Science, Technology and Innovation News - May edition

The Next Production Revolution: Implications for governments and business

The Great Divergence(s): New evidence on the increasing dispersion in wages and productivity

Having the Right Mix: The role of skill bundles for comparative advantage and industry performance in GVCs

April 2017

Science, Technology and Innovation News - April edition

Inclusive Innovation Policies: Lessons from International Case Studies

Making Policy Evaluation Work: The Case of Regional Development Policy

Reviews of Innovation Policy: Costa Rica 2017

The Links between Global Value Chains and Global Innovation Networks

March 2017

Business Dynamics and Productivity

Making Innovation Benefit All: Policies for Inclusive Growth

Launch of STI e-Outlook

Steel: Persistently high excess capacity threatens recovery

Release of 2016 edition of R&D tax incentive indicators

February 2017

ICT: New taxonomy based on the international patent classification

STI Outlook policy profiles released 

Main Science & Technology Indicators (MSTI) update

Broadband statistics update

January 2017

Release of Key Issues for Digital Transformation in the G20

November 2016

INDUSTRY: Enabling the Next Production Revolution

September 2016

Blue Sky Forum on Science and Innovation Indicators

The Knowledge Triangle: Enhancing the Contributions of Higher Education and Research Institutions to Innovation

August 2016

Broadband statistics update

June 2016

Launch of the Latin American Broadband Toolkit

Policy note: No Country for Young Firms

May 2016

Digital economy: Why a brighter future could be in our pocket

April 2016

Symposium on Inclusive Growth 

The Ocean Economy in 2030

Developments in International Mobile Roaming

No Country for Young Firms?

High-Level Steel Symposium

March 2016

OECD Council releases Recommendation on Consumer Protection in E-commerce

Innovation: OECD Review of Innovation Policy

Blue Sky forum call for papers

February 2016

Benefiting from the Next Production Revolution

Mobile broadband subscriptions top 1 billion in OECD area 

Routine jobs, employment & technological innovation in GVCs 

Latest data on Gross Domestic Expenditures on R&D (GERD) by country



INDUSTRY: The Future of Productivity
December 2015

SCIENCE AND TECH: Making Open Science a Reality
October 2015

INTERNET ECONOMY: Data-Driven Innovation, Big Data for Growth and Well-Being
October 2015

INTERNET ECONOMY: Digital Security Risk Management Recommendation
October 2015

INTERNET ECONOMY: New sources of growth- Phase 2, Knowledge-based capital
August 2015

BROADBAND: Mobile broadband penetration up to 81.3% in OECD area 
July 2015

DIGITAL ECONOMY: Launch of the OECD Digital Economy Outlook
July 2015

PRODUCTIVITY: Global dialogue on the future of productivity: Towards an OECD productivity network
June 2015

STEEL: Structural challenges must be addressed urgently
18 May 2015

LUXEMBOURG: Innovation Policy Review 2015
24 April 2015

SCIENCE ADVICE: OECD calls for common principles for developing and communicating scientific advice
23 April 2015

INTERNET ECONOMY: Social Compact for Digital Privacy and Security
15 April 2015

STEEL: Excess production capacity poses significant, growing challenge
5 March 2015

BROADBAND: 2015 data update
19 February 2015

CONFERENCE: Innovation for Inclusive Growth
New Delhi, India, 10-12 February 2015

STATISTICS: Main Science & Technology Indicators update
3 February 2015

SOCIAL IMPACT INVESTMENT: Building the Evidence Base
3 February 2015

DEMENTIA Research and Care: Can BIG DATA Help?
3 February 2015

DESIGN: Measuring its role in innovation
26 January 2015

BIG DATA: Implications for official statistics and statistical policies
12 January 2015

VIDEO: Who uses Internet, and what for?
10 December 2014

CYBER MONDAY: Today, tomorrow, the day after and the next...
1 December 2014

VIET NAM: Enhancing science, technology and innovation to drive sustained growth
24 November 2014

DIGITAL ECONOMY: Compare countries' Internet use and online activities
24 November 2014

STI OUTLOOK: China headed to overtake EU and US in science & technology spending
12 November 2014

DEMENTIA: Addressing the barriers to innovation in global agenda to fight Alzheimer’s
12 November 2014

MOBILE OPERATORS: What difference does one more or one less make to you?
6 November 2014

SPACE: Space Economy at a Glance 2014 out now
23 October 2014

Data-driven Innovation for a Resilient Society
Tokyo, 2-3 October 2014

CONFERENCE: Productivity Growth and Innovation in the Long Run
Paris, 25-26 September 2014

BIOBASED CHEMICALS, BIOPLASTICS: Finding the right policy balance
23 September 2014

4 September 2014

CLOUD COMPUTING: The Concept, Impacts and the Role of Government Policy
19 August 2014

NANOTECHNOLOGY & TYRES: Greening Industry and Transport
31 July 2014

BROADBAND STATISTICS UPDATE: Subscription growth stable for fixed; still high for wireless
22 July 2014

EVALUATION OF INDUSTRIAL POLICY: Methodological Issues and Policy Lessons
3 July 2014 

SOCIAL INVESTMENT: New Investment Approaches for Addressing Social and Economic Challenges
1 July 2014

FRANCE: Smarter research spending would boost innovation
27 June 2014

TELEPHONY: Time to terminate international termination charges?
13 June 2014

BROADBAND: Access speed tests
12 June 2014

BUTTON BATTERY SAFETY: International awareness week
16-20 June 2014

MAIN SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY INDICATORS: Strong recovery in R&D performed by business
10 June 2014

SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY: Emerging policy issues
4 June 2014

DYNAMIC ENTERPRISES: Small firms are bigger than you think
22 May 2014

KOREA: Review of industry and technology policies
22 May 2014

WIRELESS COMMUNICATION: New approaches to spectrum management
14 May 2014

COLOMBIA: Review of telecommunication policy and regulation
9 April 2014

MOBILE AND ONLINE PAYMENTS: Consumer policy guidance
4 April 2014

THE INTERNET IN TRANSITION: State of the transition to IPv6 and measures to support the continued use of IPv4
3 April 2014

WORKING PAPER: Environmental Policies and Risk Finance in the Green Sector: Cross-country Evidence 
2 April 2014

ALZHEIMER'S AND DEMENTIA RESEARCH: Unleashing the power of big data
21 March 2014

SYMPOSIUM: Innovation and Inclusive Growth
Paris, 20-21 March 2014

PROMOTING RESEARCH EXCELLENCE: New approaches to funding
27 February 2014

INTERNET TRAFFIC: Beyond the first mile
19 February 2014

INTELLIGENT DEMAND: Policy rationale, design and potential benefits
18 February 2014

NANOTECHNOLOGY: Towards a statistical framework
12 February 2014

GLOBAL SCIENCE FORUM: Report on international distributed research infrastructures
7 February 2014

HEALTHY AGEING: Integrating 'omics' and policy
28 January 2014

CONNECTED TELEVISIONS: Convergence and emerging business models
23 January 2014

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: OECD releases R&D spending data for 2012
17 January 2014

INNOVATION POLICY PLATFORM: Better knowledge for better innovation policies
15 January 2014

JUST PUBLISHED: National Intellectual Property Systems, Innovation and Economic Development with perspectives on Colombia and Indonesia
14 January 2014

BROADBAND STATISTICS UPDATE: OECD wireless broadband penetration rises above two-thirds of population
9 January 2014

MOBILE APPLICATIONS: The "app" economy and personal data
17 December 2013

11 December 2013

11 December 2013

STI POLICY PAPER: Toward new models for innovative governance of biomedecine and health technologies
5 December 2013

SURVEY REPORT: Responsible development of nanotechnology
29 November 2013

PRODUCTIVITY: Compendium of Indicators
15 November 2013

CONFERENCE: Patent statistics for decision makers
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 12-13 November 2013

STI POLICY PAPER: Policies for bioplastics in the context of a bioeconomy
28 October 2013

COLOMBIA: Window of opportunity and strong imperative to innovate
25 October 2013

STI POLICY PAPER: Policies for seed and early finance
25 October 2013

INNOVATION: Support for young firms would boost job creation
23 October 2013

INNOVATION: Reform R&D tax systems to help young firms
10 October 2013

ICTs AND THE HEALTH SECTOR: Towards smarter health and wellness models
4 October 2013

MARINE BIOTECHNOLOGY: Enabling Solutions for Ocean Productivity and Sustainability
16 September 2013

WORKING PAPER: A Cross-Country Characterisation of the Patenting Behaviour of Firms based on Matched Firm and Patent Data
10 September 2013 

BROADBAND STATISTICS UPDATE: Over 780 million mobile broadband subscriptions in the OECD area
18 July 2013

DIGITAL ECONOMY PAPER: More competition essential for future of mobile innovation
11 July 2013

DIGITAL ECONOMY PAPER: Review of the Seoul Declaration for the Future of the Internet Economy
8 July 2013

MOBILE HANDSET ACQUISITION MODELS: How much does that smartphone really cost?
4 July 2013

IHERD PROJECT: Innovation, higher education and research for development - Expert meeting and presentation of preliminary reports
Marseille, France, 1-2 July 2013

WORKING PAPER: Careers of doctorate holders - Analysis of labour market and mobility indicators
1 July 2013

POLICY PAPER: Knowledge networks and markets
25 June 2013

BIOMEDICINE AND HEALTH TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION: Addressing the global challenge of Alzheimer's
18 June 2013

STI POLICY PAPER: Nanotechnology for green innovation
14 June 2013

WORKING PAPER: Measuring patent quality: Indicators of technological and economic value
6 June 2013

DIGITAL ECONOMY PAPER: International mobile roaming agreements
3 June 2013

TRADE IN VALUE ADDED: New analysis highlights importance of services to global trade
29 May 2013

GLOBAL VALUE CHAINS: New approach to globalisation needed to boost jobs and growth
28 May 2013

WORKING PAPER: Stimulating economic growth through knowledge-based investment
24 May 2013

CONFERENCE: Creating markets from research results
Munich, 6-7 May 2013

SOUTHEAST ASIA: OECD innovation review
3 May 2013

MEXICO: Knowledge-based start-ups
22 April 2013

BIG DATA: Exploring data-driven innovation as a new source of growth - Mapping the policy issues raised by "big data"
19 April 2013

SCIENTIFIC COLLECTIONS: Launch of a new international network
16 April 2013

STI POLICY PAPER: Biotechnology for the environment in the future
10 April 2013

BEYOND INDUSTRIAL POLICY: Emerging issues and new trends
5 April 2013

PERSONAL DATA: Measuring its monetary value
4 April 2013

STI POLICY PAPER: What drives the dynamics of business growth?
4 April 2013

DIGITAL GOODS: Empowering and protecting consumers in the purchase of digital content products
28 March 2013

SOCIAL SCIENCES: New data for understanding the human condition - International perspectives
18 March 2013

BROADBAND: Stimulating competition through open access networks
5 March 2013

GREEN GROWTH: Why new business models matter
26 February 2013

CLINICAL TRIALS: OECD urges countries to harmonise regulations
25 February 2013

21 February 2013

CONFERENCE: Growth, innovation and competitiveness - Maximising the benefits of knowledge-based capital
Paris, 13-14 February 2013

DIGITAL ECONOMY PAPER: Empowering and protecting consumers in the Internet economy
8 February 2013

BROADBAND STATISTICS UPDATE: Mobile broadband subscriptions near 700 million in the OECD area
7 February 2013

SWEDEN: OECD Review of Innovation Policy
5 February 2013

SMART NETWORKS: Coming soon to a home near you
21 January 2013

STATISTICS: Main Science and Technology Indicators update
18 January 2013

MEASURING TRADE IN VALUE ADDED: First release of indicators
16 January 2013

WORKING PAPER: Mapping Careers and Mobility of Doctorate Holders - Draft Guidelines, Model Questionnaire and Indicators
10 January 2013

DIGITAL ECONOMY PAPER: Improving the Evidence Base for Information Security and Privacy Policies - Measuring Information Security, Privacy and the Protection of Children Online
21 December 2012

21 December 2012

DIGITAL ECONOMY PAPER: The Development and Diffusion of Digital Content
19 December 2012

WORKING PAPER: Mixed Modes of Innovation - An Empiric Approach to Capturing Firms’ Innovation Behaviour
18 December 2012

RESEARCH: Transferable Skills Training for Researchers - Supporting Career Development and Research
12 December 2012

CYBERSECURITY: Managing risks for greater opportunities
29 November 2012

WORKSHOP: The Future of Shipbuilding
Paris, 29 November 2012

CONFERENCE: Patent Statistics for Decision Makers - Knowledge Assets and Economic Growth
Paris, 28-29 November 2012

CONFERENCE: Knowledge Networks and Markets
Paris, 26-27 November 2012

CONFERENCE: Innovation for Inclusive Development
Cape Town, South Africa, 21 November 2012

GLOBAL FORUM ON BIOTECHNOLOGY: The Evolving Promise of the Life Sciences
Paris, 12 November 2012

E-BOOKS: Developments and Policy Considerations
31 October 2012

INTERNET TRAFFIC EXCHANGE: 2 billion users and it’s done on a handshake
22 October 2012

TECHNOLOGY FORESIGHT FORUM 2012: Harnessing data as a new source of growth - Big data analytics and policies
Paris, 22 October 2012

CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY: OECD launches global online product recall portal
19 October 2012

INTERNET: Technology firms driving IT growth
4 October 2012

RESURRECTING INDUSTRIAL POLICY: Can governments play a positive role in boosting their countries’ industrial sectors?
17 September 2012

INNOVATION: Economic crisis and weak outlook hit R&D
13 September 2012

WORKSHOP: Anticipating the Special Needs of the 21st Century Silver Economy - From Smart Technologies to Services Innovation
Tokyo, 12-14 September 2012

GREEN GROWTH PAPER: Market Development for Green Cars
7 September 2012

DIGITAL ECONOMY PAPER: Methodology for Constructing Wireless Broadband Price Baskets
4 September 2012

CONSUMER PROTECTION: Online and Mobile Payments
17 August 2012

DIGITAL ECONOMY PAPER: Universal Service Policies in the Context of National Broadband Plans 
27 July 2012

18 July 2012

JUST PUBLISHED: OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy - Slovenia 
11 July 2012

STATISTICS: Main Science and Technology Indicators (MSTI) 2012/1 update
27 June 2012

EVENT: Final ICTNET Conference on the Economic Impact of ICT: Policy Drivers and Economic Evidence
Paris, 25-26 June 2012

STATISTICS: Biotechnology in 12 indicators
12 June 2012

DIGITAL ECONOMY PAPER: Proactive Policy Measures by Internet Service Providers against Botnets
7 May 2012

WORKING PAPER: International Comparative Evidence on Global Value Chains 
26 April 2012

ICT SKILLS AND EMPLOYMENT: New Competences and Jobs for a Greener and Smarter Economy
19 April 2012

DIGITAL ECONOMY PAPER: Measuring the 'Broadband Bonus' in 30 OECD Countries
19 April 2012

SYMPOSIUM: New Science-Based Tools for Anticipating and Responding to Global Crises
Paris, 18 April 2012

DIGITAL ECONOMY PAPER: Measuring the Impact of Innovations in Public IT Infrastructure on the Standard of Living in OECD Economies
17 April 2012

WORKING PAPER: The Export Performance of Countries within Global Value Chains (GVCs) 
16 April 2012

DIGITAL ECONOMY PAPER: Information and Communication Technologies and Productivity Growth - A Survey of the Literature
13 April 2012

13 April 2012

NANOTECHNOLOGY: OECD releases planning guide for public outreach and engagement
23 March 2012



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