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Workshop on Measurement of Non-market Output in Education and Health, London, 3-5 October 2006


Mr Peter C Smith and Mr Andrew Street, of the Centre for Health Economics, University of York, were commissioned by the Workshop organisers to produce an independent report on this workshop, reflecting their personal views - report

These topics will be developed and solved in the upcoming OECD "handbook on measuring education and health volume output", uploaded and commented progressively on the website, intended to be debated in the next OECD workshop on measurement of education and health scheduled in Paris, 7-8 June 2007


This workshop will be jointly organised by the OECD, the United Kingdom and Norway
It will be held from 3 to 5 October, at:
Brunei Gallery
School of Oriental and African Studies
10 Thornhaugh Street
Russell Square
London WC1H 0XG

To know more about Atkinson's review and the UKCeMGA
Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre: the smart place to meet
Hotels at special delegate rates
Common dinner: Wednesday 4 October 2006 at 8 p.m.  A room has been reserved at the Café du Jardin in the Covent Garden area for those who wish to join in a meal. The Café du Jardin is one of the most cosmoplitan restaurants in the area. It is situated near the Royal Opera House and London's major theatres and is a short and pleasant walk from the Workshop venue and hotels. The cost of the meal, which includes three courses, wine, service and tax is £40. Please e-mail if you wish to reserve a place. Payment should be made on arrival at the Workshop: credit cards or currency (Sterling) are accepted.


Agenda of the Joint OECD/ONS/Government of Norway workshop
”Measurement of non-market output in education and health”

Draft agenda (updated on 27 Sept. 2006)

Tuesday, 3rd of October (9h30 - 17h30) - Morning

Session 1:  Measuring non-market output, efficiency and productivity. Chair:  F. Lequiller

1.1   The national accounts perspective, time and spatial comparisons (PPP) : the projects of Eurostat and OECD (P. Konijn, Eurostat/C1 A. Gallais, OECD/STD/NAFS):  (P. Konijn, Eurostat/C1, A. Gallais, OECD/STD/NAFS) - (PDF document) - (PowerPoint)
1.2   Stakeholders : the key to success in measuring the productivity of government (J. Grice, ONS/UKCeMGA):  (J. Grice, ONS/UKCeMGA) - (PDF document)
1.3   Meeting the need for more timely, detailed and better quality data on government expenditure (V. Aldin, ONS/UKCeMGA):  (V. Aldin, ONS/UKCeMGA) - (PDF document) - (PowerPoint)
1.4   Non-market services : the view from the national accounts (D. Caplan, ONS):  (D. Caplan, ONS) - (PDF document) - (PowerPoint)
1.5   StatRes, a Norwegian project for measuring and displaying public sector performance (M. Stromgren, FAD)  (M. Stromgren, FAD) - (PDF document) - (PowerPoint)
1.6   The use of indicators on output in management and policy applications (W. Van Dooren, university oa Leuven)  (W. Van Dooren, university of Leuven) - (PDF document) - (PowerPoint)
1.7   12:30:  welcome by K. Dunnell, National Statistician


Session 2:  Health – recent experience in measuring output growth; Chair:  T. Atkinson

2.1   The Dutch experience on measuring health output and labour productivity (F. Kleima and A. Chessa, CBS)  (F. Kleima and A. Chessa, CBS) - (PDF document) - (PowerPoint)
2.2   Measuring health output and productivity in the UK : an essential element of public accountability (C.E. Little and P. Lee, ONS/UKCeMGA)  (P. Lee, ONS/UKCeMGA) - (PDF document) - (PowerPoint)
2.3   The Portuguese experience : estimation of the output of hospitals according to different methodologies (I. Quintela, INE)  (I. Quintela, INE) - (PDF document) - (PowerPoint)
2.4   Measurement of Health Output - experiences from the Norwegian National Accounts (A.L. Brathaug, SSB) - (PDF document) - (PowerPoint)
2.5   Review of European and OECD countries experiences, from questionnaires launched in June 2006 (F. Malherbe, Eurostat/C1 and A. Gallais OECD/STD/NAFS): (Abstract) -(F. Malherbe - A. Gallais - (Eurostat PowerPoint) - (Eurostat PDF document), followed by a general discussion on health output methods recent experience
Background document:  The Czech experimental calculations in health (E. Jedlickava, CZSO):  (Eva Jedlickava, CZSO) - (PDF document)

Session 3:  Health - quality indicators and value of output. Chair:  A.L. Brathaug, discussant:  M. Weale - SSB):  PowerPoint
3.1   OECD project on Health Care Quality Indicators (E. Kelley, OECD/ELS/HD) - (PowerPoint)
3.2   Health quality indicators and value of output (A. Simkins, DH, UK):  (A. Simkins, DH) - (PDF document) - (PowerPoint)
3.3   Measuring the Output of Health in the United States (M. Christian, BEA):  (M. Christian, BEA) - (PDF document) - (PowerPoint)

Wednesday, 4th of October (9h30 - 17h30)

Session 3:  (continuation if needed)

Session 4:  Health - cross-country comparisons : towards health specific PPPs. Chair:  P. Scherer

4.1   International Comparisons of Prices and Volumes in Health Care among OECD Countries (M. HUBER, European Center for social welfare policy and research):  (Abstract) - (PDF document)Background document:  Proposal of an output method for PPP on (non-market) health services (A. Gallais, OECD/STD/NAFS and A. Pritchard, ONS/UKCeMGA):  (A. Gallais, OECD/STD/NAFS and A. Pritchard, ONS/UKCeMGA)Abstract(A. Gallais, OECD/STD/NAFS and A. Pritchard, ONS/UKCeMGA) - (PDF document)
Concluding Health Session.  Chair : P. Scherer
4.2   Implications for OECD work on Health Accounts (E. Orosz) - (Abstract) - (PowerPoint)
4.3   “tour de table" of Health and PPP Experts


Session 5:  Education - experience in measuring output growth. Chair:  P. Konijn

5.1   The British experience on measuring education output and productivity (M. Luciano, ONS, UKCeMGA):  (ONS, UKCeMGA) - (PDF document) - (PowerPoint)
5.2   The point of view of the British Ministry of Education (D. Garniss, Dfes) - (PDF document) - (PowerPoint)
5.3   Measuring the Education Function of Government in the United States (M. Christian, BEA):  (M. Christian, BEA) - (PDF document) - (PowerPoint)
5.4   Methodology for Measuring Education Output Using a Human Capital Approach in the U. S. (B. Fraumeni et al., university of Southern Maine):  (B. Fraumeni, university of Southern Maine) - (PDF document) - (PowerPoint)
5.5   Volume measures of education in the Norwegian National Accounts (K.-W. Dam and K. Sorensen, SSB):  (PDF document) - (PowerPoint)
5.6   The point of view of the Norwegian Ministry of Education on higher education (O.J. Skodvin, G.A. Andreassen, M. Wien Fjell, A. Moi - Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research):  O.J. Skodvin, G.A. Andreassen, M. Wien Fjell, A. Moi - Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research - (PDF document) - (PowerPoint)
5.7   The Czech experimental calculations in education (E. Jedlickova, CZSO):  (Eva Jedlickova, CZSO) - (PDF document) - (PowerPoint)
5.8   Review of European and OECD countries experiences, from questionnaires launched in June 2006 (F. Malherbe, Eurostat and A. Gallais OECD/STD/NAFS): (Abstract) -  F. Malherbe - A. Gallais - (PowerPoint Eurostat) - (Eurostat - PDF document)

Thursday, 5th of October (9h30 - 13h30)


Session 6:  Education - international databases and comparisons. Chair:  J. Grice

6.1   PISA database for pupils of 15 year old, and similar data for other ages (including projects). Output and outcome. (M. Davidson, OECD/EDU) - (PowerPoint)
6.2   Inter-country comparisons of volumes and prices : non-market education services (A. Gallais, OECD/STD/NAFS and A. Pritchard, ONS, UKCeMGA): (A. Gallais, OECD/STD/NAFS and A. Pritchard, ONS, UKCeMGA) - (PDF document) - (PowerPoint)6.3   Project of updating the UOE collection (L. Mejer, Eurostat/F4):  (L. Mejer, Eurostat/F4) - (PDF document)

Session 7:  other non-market services. Chair:  F. Lequiller

7.1   Can the output of collective services be measured ? The case of Public Order and Safety (P. Cullinane, ONS/UKCeMGA):  (P. Cullinane, ONS/UKCeMGA) - (PDF document) - (PowerPoint)
7.2   A new approach to measuring the provision of adult social care (J. Ebdon, ONS/UKCeMGA):  (J. Ebdon, ONS/UKCeMGA) - (PDF document) - (PowerPoint)
7.3   Productivity in the central government sector of Finland - the case of the Ministry of Transport and Communications 2000-2004 (J. Heikkinen and M.Lehmuskoski, Statistics Finland):  (J. Heikkinen, Statistics Finland) - (PDF document) - (PowerPoint)
background document : Volume calculations of individual government production in the National Accounts of Sweden (B. Magnusson, Statistics Sweden) - (PDF document)

Session 8:  Round table for conclusions : Chair:  P. Schreyer

8.1   Round table for conclusions (J. Grice, J.A. Persson, F. Lequiller, P. Scherer, M. Davidson, P. Konijn)

Registrations :
Up to 290 places are available in the Brunei Gallery (School of Oriental and African Studies, 10 Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG). It is still possible to register until the 22nd of September, 2006 with
Full documents are to be sent to , until the same date.
PowerPoint presentations are to be sent to
The abundance of contributions make it impossible to present orally all the papers in the sessions. Hence, some will have only the status of “background documents”.
The printed documents will not be available on the spot. The delegates are requested to bring with them a copy of these documents. The authors can bring with them a certain quantity of their papers.




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