Statistics Directorate

Understanding OECD statistics


This page provides a number of tools developped by the OECD to help to understand its statistical work.

  • Statistical Programme of Work
    It gives an overview of all main statistical activities planned by the Statistics Directorate and all other Directorates active in the field of statistics.
  • Quality Framework
    The framework focuses on improving the quality of data collected, compiled and disseminated by the OECD through an improvement of the Organisation's processes and management, though there will be a positive spillover effect on the quality of data compiled at national level.
  • Statistical Information System (SIS) 
    The objectives of the SIS are to improve the efficiency of data and metadata collection, validation, processing, storage and dissemination; improve quality, eliminating errors and incoherencies and shortening statistical publication cycles, and enhance the accessibility and visibility of the Organisation's statistical outputs.
  • Glossary of Statistical Themes
    The OECD Glossary of Statistical Terms contains a comprehensive set of definitions of the main data items collected by the Organisation.
  • Data and metadata reporting and presentation handbook
    The OECD Data and Metadata Reporting and Presentation Handbook contains guidelines and recommended best practice for the presentation of statistical data and metadata disseminated by national agencies and international organisations in various dissemination media. 


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